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  1. I use (on Mac) opendiff * In terminal type opendiff file1 file2 * This will graphically display differences. * I create a new note, copy in the one I think is more up to date. * Using the visual opendiff info, I copy/edit the parts that are out of synch. * I archive the two conflicting notes and move on. I only do this with text only notes. Using opendiff require you to manage your notes a bit more than I think you should. Why I get conflicts is because I was editing the same note on two different computers and that is a behavior I have to be wary of:)
  2. Agree with comments. Skitch's greatness was its simplicity. Now the upgrade adds too much baggage trying to integrate to Evernote. In principle, I understand the need to integrate. But in practice Skitch looses its utility. There is option to reload back to "Download previous version of Skitch for Mac (1.0)" see http://skitch.com/ below app store logo:)
  3. Crazy! Setup: Evernote 2.0.5, Mac OS X 10.5.8 * I have a note that is all "text", created purely in Evernote and some cut paste from Coda or terminal. Character count is 947 characters. * I started getting the synch error, with note of "content is not valid". ** error example: http://www.trufflelabs.com/sites/www.trufflelabs.com/files/EvernoteError-ContentIsNotValid.png * The key line in the activity log of note is: ** 2011-03-17 09:13:44 0x188f82d0 [ENAppController] ERROR: EXCEPTION: EDAMUserException(errorCode:11,parameter:"Error processing document: Invalid a href attribute:(null)") ** The item that caught my attention is "Invalid a href attribute:(null)" I deleted my note, synched, then line by line recreated the EverNote note. * The line that caused the issue is ** 'AltDelicious' => 'http://delicious.com/tag/%s', ** This is a line from from a Drupal Tattler PHP file that I was capturing for some notes. Actually, what seems to cause the issue is not the characters in the line but the action that put the line into the EverNote note.... If I cut and paste the line from Coda or TextEdit, EverNote inserts the line and parses the link into a hot link. EverNote reports an error since the http reference (the link) in the line is not valid. If I hand type the line (not cut/paste) then EverNote is not parsing the line and the synch works just fine. Steps to fix this type of issue * Synch note * On report of "content is not valid" error look at the activity log. * If the log reports "Error processing document: Invalid a href attribute:(null)" then look for links in the note. * Right click on link and select "Link>Remove" * This will make the link just plain text (not an active link) Observation * The Paste Without Formating function does not insert links without formating; ie, EverNote still parses a pasted link and sets it up as an active link within the note.
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