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  1. Evernote still does not provide a functionality like PostEver. How come, EN developers never think of something like that? Why does the Android EN client start downloading the headers of ALL notes when one opens EN on an Android phone. In my case it's over 1700 documents which would take hours to download. A bit of thoughtfulness would really help and one would not have to use third-party apps for the quick posting of a note. Cheers. Paul
  2. Hi and thanks a lot. >>>Please note the headers are not the entire note. EN doesn't actually download the note content unless you tell it to I know that. But downloading 1400 headers/thumbnails take a long time. >>>>If you have a premium account, you can specify which notebooks should be sync'd locally to your device. That's what I want. How do I do that? Cheers. Paul
  3. Hi, I am running the EN Android client 3.1 on a Galaxy S I-9000. On Evernote I got 1400 notes in 12 notebooks. Upon login the Android client starts downloading the headers of all these notes and after that it downloads 'snippets' (?????). How can I tell the client to download only notebooks (one or two) I have specified and not all of them? I haven't found anything for that in the settings menu of the Android client. Thanks in advance and best regards. Paul
  4. Try FlexT9 from Nuance who also make Dragon Naturally Speaking. It sends speach to a server and returns text. Results were awful on my first try, however. I guess one has to practise.
  5. Hi, The various descriptions (OVI store etc) of the Evernote Sharing Plugin for the Nokia N900 say:' Evernote is fully integrated into the N900 allowing you to take notes and snapshots and then easily send them into Evernote.' So far, I can only upload pictures to Evernote. Which of the note taking applications on the N900, e.g. ConBoy provide for uploading text to Evernote? I have not seen an option like 'Share via Services' on any them. Or, does it mean one can upload pictures with brief annotations and nothing else? Cheers. Paul
  6. >>>>Created date is editable Good man. That's what I wanted to know. Cheers. Paul
  7. Hi Jeff, Thanks. What if I want to input entries from days in the past? Is there a way to sort them by date as I suppose the creation date is allocated by the system and cannot be altered? Cheers. Paul
  8. Hi, I am new to Evernote and I would like to keep my daily journal on Evernote. Now I wonder what's the best way to organise a diary. Should I put the entry for each day into one separate note or should I create one big note that contains everday's journal entries? Any ideas from seasoned Evernote diary keepers? Cheers and best regards. Paul
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