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  1. It seem most of these issues came from Viet Nam Region. I am having the same issue with both IE/Firefox/Chrome/Android/IOS. It's frustrating having no access to 5 years worth of note/book/recipes of my work. I don't have anything else to show beside all the same stuff above, there's nothing else we (the users) can do. (android/ios) Continue with google -> Registration error, you cannot register at the moment (I need to log in, not creating new account). (android/ios) Typing my email trying to log in -> Log in Error, you cannot register at the moment, likely caused by a bad connection to the internet (I can watch youtube/netflix on 4k just fine) (PC) Log in with Web client -> having trouble loading Evernote web, try reloading -> Press reload and the loop start. (PC) I install evernote app -> could not connect to server, check your internet -> uninstall fixed this problem. In case some question about common sense show up, the answer is "Yes I've tried": fire wall, reinstall, admin permission check, add-on, check your internet (yeah....right). I'm afraid I cannot mess around my IE setting and Internet TCP setting (turn this one on/off, etc...) because it might cause chain problem.
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