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  1. I honestly don't understand how such a basic feature could not be a priority. The main goal of Evernote is to have an easy way to create and find notes, and showing only relevant tags is a great way to make it so much easier to find the note you're looking for. But good suggestion, I'll leave it as feedback in the app.
  2. In the legacy version of Evernote, when I try to filter notes within a certain notebook, or based on a search query, the "filter by tag" feature only shows tags which have been used within that notebook or search query. Brilliant. That way I don't have to scroll through dozens of tags, wondering whether any of the notes I'm looking at has a certain tag. It only shows the relevant tags. And when I filter once by a certain tag, it once again only shows the tags which are relevant besides that said tag. My request: Bring this back to the new Evernote please. Right now I always have to scroll through the entire list of tags, not sure whether there are any notes with a certain tag within a certain notebook.
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