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  1. 5.0.5 and Evernote clipper work fine on 10.6.8 after Safari 5.1 has been installed. (And it uses the new AppleWebKit/534.50)
  2. On a more constructive note, apparently Safari 5.0.5 works fine on Lion: http://groups.google.com/group/google-w ... 462bd0015b
  3. I read "very hard" in that statement as "possible", and clearly there are quite a few people who would use that functionality. When I wrote my clipper bookmarklet, I thought of having server-side PDF rendering of the URL. This isn't perfect, as it wouldn't capture things like form post replies, but it could do public web pages very nicely.
  4. There's a beta of the new Safari 5.1 clipper in the Evernote for Web forum, but it doesn't support PDF clipping. File a support request if you need this feature, please.
  5. I'm curious if there's any work being done on PDF capturing of webpages. Anyone know?
  6. Ugh, it's not even clipping images. The thing about the PDF clipper was that it was what-you-see-is-what-you-get. This Lion version of the clipper actually misses content on the page. So I think I clipped something, but it didn't get saved.
  7. Yay! Thank you, guys. Before I go ahead and update my Safari, the shift-click to capture as a PDF still works, right?
  8. Yeah, really glad the "Trunk" is working great in Lion... I agree with the above comment that the bookmarklet's formatting of web pages is atrocious. I want to clip pages as they appear, not with their formatting and appearance mangled beyond recognition.
  9. Have you updated to Safari 5.1 on Snow Leopard? The EN clipper dropped the ball on 5.1 altogether, it's not just a Lion thing.
  10. This is actually the only thing preventing me from upgrading to Lion on my primary machine, sigh.
  11. Safari Clipper Plugin in Preferences doesn't work; no Evernote button ever appears in the Safari toolbar. Lion GM Seed (11A511) Safari 5.1 (7534.48.3) Evernote 2.2.3 (158341)
  12. Yay! I like the old notebook icon better though; more gentle, less garish.
  13. The Mac equivalent is to select the item in the Trash, then File > Put Back, though it doesn't seem to work for programmatically trashed files.
  14. Would like this too. Currently using web folder sharing, but it's a bit awkward.
  15. Ahahaha, clearly you don't use the iPhone version or hang out on our forums! (iPhone Evernote has crashed on me three times today.)
  16. I'm used to grabbing stuff with screenshots, so I just remapped shift-Apple-4 to Evernote's "Clip Screenshot" function. You can't copy/paste text out of a screenshot later, of course, but Evernote's image OCR thing makes them nicely searchable still.
  17. When I store PDFs in Evernote, I don't usually attach any "note" data; I think of the note as being the PDF. Thus, when I export it, I'm expecting a single PDF file to be exported, not a PDF wrapped in a folder along with an empty HTML file. For a small handful of files, this is just awkward, but with a larger export, it quickly becomes fairly inconvenient.
  18. Yeah, can we have real tabs? I create a new note, hit tab, and it's replaced by 5 spaces. (And requires 5 spaces to delete.) Really? Ugh.
  19. For me, the issue is structure/tag export. I think the problem stems from the lack of folder organization in EN, as this is the "standard" way of expressing structure. Here's the use case: I have a rather large, well-organized nested folder full of scanned PDFs that I'd like to use in my clipping application. In DEVONthink, for example, I can just drop this folder onto the app, and it imports all the files, preserving their nice folder structure. If I so choose, I can later drag that folder out of DEVONthink into a Finder window, and it will export everything, folder structure intact. In Evernote, it appears that I can import only flat groups of files (dropping a folder of any kind makes Evernote want to ZIP things), and then have to tag everything manually. "Exporting" is similar; I can get the flat files and notes out alright, but have to re-do all the structure by hand.
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