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  1. Does anyone have a download link? That help article mentioned above is just vague enough to not really be helpful.
  2. Quick question. Why is Evernote still incapable of understanding simple contractions? I know it's a small thing, what with contractions being so rare in the English language. Ignore the one in the previous sentence, it's an exception. Oops there's another one. And another one. Dang it.
  3. Until the next product manager comes in and decides the look and feel needs to be refreshed again, and basically nothing of actual value for the existing customers is added. Only a needless disruption that everybody needs to get used to all over again, again. Like the dark side bar now. It is definitely darker. To the point of being difficult to look at. Previously, the colors softened the starkness somewhat. So yeah, I'll get used to it. But why was this specific change made? Focus groups? Product manager didn't like it? Didn't fit the new palette, so it had to be changed regardless of whether it actually looks better? It just seems so pointless, so forgive me if I'm irritated by this when as others mentioned there are bugs that existed for years that still aren't fixed.
  4. Navigate through a bunch of unrelated pages in unrelated notebooks. Now search for something and navigate to one of the pages in the search result. Now repeatedly hit the back button and observe that it does not actually take you back through the history of the pages you just visited. It gets stuck in some kind of loop or roadblock (can't really decide which) where it never gets past the fact that there is something in the search box. In some way that is breaking the browsing history.
  5. I also hate this ugly new space-consuming button. There will never be one interface that suits everyone's preferences. That's why providing options for customizing it, at least in the desktop versions, is essential. Have you looked at "Customize Toolbar"? There are barely a half-dozen things you can configure in it, there should be a lot more. That left panel? I love how you can show and hide whatever you want. Except for that ugly as hell new note button that just sits up there wasting space and being useless.
  6. If my version is 6.12.3 from the App Store, is that expected to have the fix? There doesn't seem to be another version available atm.
  7. How is it possible that after this many months, the word "didn't" is still flagged as a misspelling in Evernote? How much patience and understanding do you expect for something as trivial as this. Who at Evernote is responsible for deciding this isn't important enough to spend a few hours dealing with? Oh, I'm not a programmer so I don't know how long these things could take, so I shouldn't say "trivial" or "a few hours". I just know that literally no other application I use on any platform is too stupid to understand that contractions are part of the English language. I do think it's fair to say that dealing with this issue should be easier that, oh I don't know, cloud syncing across devices and managing shared notebooks. I mean, it's freaking spell check, it's not like you have to re-invent the wheel here.
  8. With Google connection enabled, I can paste a link to a google doc, and Evernote replaces the URL with a placeholder - that includes the title of the document, and you can click on it and the doc opens in your browser. If I disable the google connection, I can paste a link to a google doc, Evernote replaces the URL with a placeholder - that now lacks a title for the document apparently since there is no connection to google, and you can still click on it and open it in your browser. Literally the only difference is that there is no title in the placeholder. Since this seems utterly pointless, I would rather paste the URL in and have Evernote just leave it alone so I can see the URL in my note. This would be better than a meaningless placeholder that serves exactly the same purpose, with the only difference being it takes up more space and obfuscates the actual URL.
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