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  1. Believe me, I have been stashing things in evernote! i just downloaded the files for "free and inexpensive RV sites in Canada" for the provinces we will be visiting (Canadian Maritimes). Diesel fuel. locator is next.
  2. Thanks for your quick response. Everyone is so helpful here. I have always received great advice when needed. I will check out the links you suggested. We will be crossing into Canada in a few hours, so our Internet access will be limited to public wifi. I will be checking the forum when I get the chance, but am not sure when and how often that will be. We paid for wireless access just to do our banking and other business, but the prices are astronomical for even a tiny amount of data. We will be in Canada for two months. Thanks!
  3. My husband and I just retired and will be doing a lot of traveling in our rv. I want to keep a travel journal for our family and friends to keep track of us. i will set up a shared notebook in evernote, then give those interested the URL. I will post a single daily photo and a few comments, then give a link to a smugmug gallery for more photosnifnsomeone is interested. I will password protect both. I am currently keeping a paper 10-year diary, and would like to be able to set this up in s similar fashion. Is this possible? For instance, I would like to look back to see what we were doing on the same date for the last five years. This will be my first attempt at something like this, so any suggestions would be appreciated. I love notability, but since it does not link to evernote., I will be trying penultimate instead. We are in the second day of this great adventure, so I need to get this started! Thanks!
  4. This is a new concept for me, but I am anxious to try it, especially for those manuals. If I understand correctly, I can generate these codes for free using the link above? I have a new iphone 4 and ipad 2. I Iooked online to find a code reader app, but the reviews on the ones I found are less than stellar. Can anyone recommend one that works well? Thanks!
  5. I did the uninstall/reinstall as you suggested with the same result. I can access evernote just fine on the web and also on my netbook, where the clipper works just fine. My computer was just upgraded to windows 7 professional, and I did the firefox upgrade right afterward. I assume something has changed, but I'm not sure what. I have no restriction against installing the desktop version, and once had it installed. However, I removed it when I discovered if someone else signed on to my computer with their username/password, my evernote was right there avalable to them. Thanks!
  6. I have just upgraded to firefox 6.0.2. I have also upgraded my evernote extension to When I put in my evernote sign-on, I get "permission denied". I have uninstalled and reinstalled the extension twice with the same result. This is a work computer, so I am using evernote web here. Thanks!
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