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  1. Whenever you can give us a heads up as to what major features will be included in the next version, I'd certainly appreciate it. I've been moving data out of Evernote into other apps since it wasn't looking promising for your future support of WebOS.
  2. I've started using Inglorious Apps's "Notes" product. It doesn't quite do "sync"... but it allows for import/export to Google Docs so you can edit both from a PC and from your Pre, and most importantly the data is stored on the Pre as well. I haven't pulled all my data out of Evernote yet, but Notes is looking like a decent alternative.
  3. HP intends on further leveraging WebOS for hardware beyond the smartphone market, so in my opinion this would be a good time for Evernote to kick up their efforts a notch. I'm having many of the same issues outlined by cmf5, which makes this really a sub-par application on WebOS. It's unfortunate because I really need an app like this, many of the necessary capabilities are there, but the app is buggy and missing a few key features. Unfortunately, there seems to be few alternatives to Evernote on the WebOS platform currently. It would still be nice to hear from Evernote if there's at least a point release in our future.
  4. Ugh. Shame on me for not doing more research before counting on this app to be my replacement to have secure notes on my Palm Pre. Since upgrading from a Treo, which had the ability to secure memos, I thought Evernote would be the answer to that (knowing that Pre's memo tool didn't have that capability). I thought the option to be able to encrypt selected text within a note was fantastic, since often there's only a piece of a memo that really needs to be secured. But now I found out that you can't decrypt text on the Pre app AND you can't get at your notes offline! I'm more than willing to pay for the app, but unfortunately without these key pieces of functionality Evernote isn't suitable. If anyone has an alternative that works now, let me know.
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