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  1. This might help: http://developer.htc.com/htc_tattoo_developer.html
  2. I'm using Tattoo in India. Here, GSM phones are not carrier-locked. In any case I tried accessing Market using WiFi, and thus I believe the carrier doesn't matter. Apps not being listed (especially those not compatible with this screen size) isn't new for Tattoo - a Google search could tell you that. I think you've to specifically declare compatibility with QVGA screen in your manifest file or so.
  3. Hi, I wanted to try the Evernote Android app. I'm using HTC Tattoo but I don't see the application listed on the market when browsed from Tattoo. I'm not surprised because I've seen this before for other apps as well, because some of them are not compatible with Tattoo owing to the small screen size. I got to see them only after the devs updated the app for Tattoo. Could you update your app for Tattoo too please? Thanks Jeenu
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