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  1. I would love to see EverNote develop a Outline mode with collapsible sections. Google Notebook provided an approach to group notes. Categorizing notes in a folder hierarchy also provides additional benefits especially when you have thousands of tags and notes. It allows the users to group the most relevant notes under a subject and streamline the list view. SplashNotes has a great outlining approach, which easily synced with my previous Palm devices. As a device/OS switcher, data portability is extremely important to me. Generally, I prepare outlines and todo list on my desktop and move them to my PDA device after generating my daily todo list. My main challenge with the Evernote model on the Palm Pre is accessing my notebooks when internet service is not available. Please let me know if EverNote has an offline mode for Palm Pre devices. Viewing html source on the Evernote client would also be on my wishlist. It would help me resolve formatting conflicts, which could occur when pasting or clipping from several different web sources. You could make this a advance feature togglable through the preference pane. It would also help EverNote Developers visualize what happens to clips in EverNotes by viewing the html source code. On the Evernote Windows Client, I would like to mention that the setting the font does not always change all font settings in a note. Generally, one has to change the font line by line rather than the whole note. Indenting also seems to get unpredictable going from the Window client, Web client, to the MAC client. I often work on multiple operating systems and use EverNote to transfer quick thoughts or notes from one computer to the next. It helps me troubleshoot a computer when the other one is disagreeable. I also notice tab and indenting produce different results; and my bullet and todo often have in consistent space between line. Again, html viewing source would help me resolve these spacing and font scenarios. I'd say proper 2-way synching (with data stored on the Pre) has to be the top of my list, because it would access to your notebooks when cell service unavailable, which is enormously important on a plane. Immediate accessibility would rate high on my wish list even with using the Palms built in memos or task as a work around.
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