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  1. Thanks Burger. My post was misleading when I said "Digital Voice Recorder". I intended to say " a digital voice recorder" meaning a generic device. You motivated me to try the simplest, most obvious route: Copy the files to my Evernote import folder. Once in EN, a double-click opens the file in VLC and plays it. That's 90% of what I hoped for. And, very valuable in saving the profound? thoughts I have while doing other things. It also helps immensly in maintaining a log while building, modifying, and maintaining my 3D printer kit. Recording events in writing doesn't work well for me. The remaining 10% has now become very important. Converting speech to text would allow much-needed editing. Can you point me in a direction to pursue this capability? I'm using Windows 7, and have an Android tablet (Xoom)
  2. Can I Import voice notes from Digital Voice Recorder? If so, how? Another "if-so": Can I convert them to text? I've searched for well over a half hour & didn't come close to an answer, so please be kind if the answer is obvious to you.
  3. That is really bad news. No PDF text search on Android devices. Makes it difficult to show off Evernote's capabilities to potential users. I've heard that portable devices, like tablets, are rapidly increasing in popularity.
  4. "Print all PDF document pages" To what documents does this apply? I assume this means that when I elect to print a multi-page PDF, it prints all pages. If so, why does such a basic decision, one that can easily be made at the time of printing, merit a global selection under "Tools"?
  5. Win7, EN 4.5.36131, XOOM with ICS, Downloaded & installed EN for Android yesterday (3/2/2012) Then Synced. The PDF notes are in notebooks selected to be read offline. Issue: All PDFs are shown on my XOOM as attachments. This means that their contents are not searched. "Always show PDF as attachments" is NOT checked on PC. I don't see an option for this on XOOM. PDFs are NOT shown as attachments on PC. Did I miss a setting somewhere?
  6. Thanks Burgers... for making me smarter. Learning new software is like mind candy to me. With EN, I occasionally encounter a piece that has an unpleasant taste. Help like yours makes things better. Forum question: I've tried, but haven't found a way to start a new topic. As a result, I hi-jacked this topic which seemed close to my issue. What have I overlooked? Gary.
  7. I'll probably feel like a dope when I get the answer to this, but I gotta ask anyway: "EN watched folder" How set up; where located? Should Foxit PDF printer accomplish what you describe? A new issue: My daughter has a Word document that is several pages long. She uses it to document events in her care of an elderly person, so it's frequently updated. If EN is of value to her, it will make the entire .DOC file searchable. I gather that once in EN, updating will be easy. Is there an easy way to accomplish getting the DOC file into EN without printing & scanning it? If so, I'll buy her a premium account. One more issue: As y'all have probably concluded, I desperately need a tutorial on EN. Recommendations = ???
  8. Thanks Bloppity. What you say is no surprise. My issue is with Cox Communications, which is often a few paces out of step with the rest of the planet. I see what work-around works best for me.
  9. My Issue is failure to get capture of web page PDF. Example: When viewing monthly bill from my ISP, Clicking on "Add to Evernote", I get the following: "StatementView.do (application/pdf Object)" No PDF document, just the subject and the URL. Similar bills from other utilities are captured just fine. Evernote Premium 3.5.1964, Windows XP Pro Firefox 3.6.3 Foxit Reader Gary
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