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  1. Is the new ctrl-shift-f really any different than the old f6? They seem to do the same for me. Similar to what gustavgi said (but different), I would have preferred that the difference in the new key would be that it would go to the search field and NOT switch to "all notes", which is what f6 does. There are times I want that, but there are times I want to search in whatever notebook I'm in (and all its notes), rather than ALL notes. If f6 did all notes (like it has), and this new key kept the search in the current notebook, that would have been a win. Otherwise, I'm not seeing what's "new" about it. Or am I missing something?
  2. I was like the OP (Steve) in seeking this, to be able to move/force the "all notes" option to be above the list of shortcuts, for the same reasons. So thanks for those who shared ideas here. Between the two, perhaps they will suit Steve's needs. They do, mine. As for the F6 shortcut alternative, for those who perhaps cannot remember it, or just really want an "all notes" option on the top of the shortcuts list, here's what I did when I first learned of it: I created a note whose title was "f6 for all notes", and I put that note in the shortcuts list as the first shortcut. That approximates what we sought. 🙂 And eventually my fingers would remember and I could remove it. But then I saw here s2sailor's idea of modifying the toolbar instead to add "all notes" there. Now, perhaps some of you in this boat with Steve and me may think this is about EN's feature to put the shortcuts up there on the toolbar. That's not desirable for us who have LOTS of shortcuts. 🙂 But to be clear, this is instead about right-clicking the toolbar, choosing "customize", and then dragging the word "all notes" (one of many offered options) to the toolbar. That's an even better alternative for many, I'm sure. Between these two options I could live without being able to move the "all notes" option on the left. How about you, Steve (or others with the concern)?
  3. With all due to respect to superguru gazumped, I will just say that while I have suffered this error myself occasionally, I definitely have NOT had to resort to such arduous steps as rebooting, uninstalling, or especially using Windows restore. What's worked for me has been much simpler : just kill the Evernote processes. In Windows, do that by opening Windows Task Manager to see the list of running processes (varies a bit per different Windows editions over the years), then sort that list by process name, and just delete (or right-click and choose "end task" on any listed Evernote processes. In doing that, I have then been able to re-open Evernote, and I've never found that I lost any notes or had any corruption. Still, YMMV and I don't guarantee that this will work for all occurrences of this error. But I would just say that it seems worth trying, before resorting to the more time-consuming steps listed above. :-)
  4. Come on. 4 years now and we're still waiting? This Auto-title by first line is how it works in windows. Why not the same option in android? And an *option* would be fine (like the other two current Auto-title options which are offered). That addresses those who don't want this, and further, the feature could only save the first line as the title if no other title was added before the note was saved. It's not just "an extra step" to do this ourselves. It's 8!--realize that what you're typing is in the body, tap it, choose the android copy/paste feature's icon for more options, choose "select all" , copy, click in title, paste, click back in note to continue. That's vs 0 steps on Windows. (and yes, one could say, just click in the title field before typing, but if we don't enter notes in the android app often, it's just not that simple, if you're used to the windows app's handling this. If it started out typing in the note, as a different option, maybe that would be different.) I've run into this a few dozen times the past few years and am just shocked this remains unresolved since first raised then.
  5. I am also having problems of random notes having problems showing rules, when added. Even in cases where the note previously had rules, some appear and some don't (in the same note), and the bigger concern is that if I try to add them (in a new place, or where they are "missing" but were there before), they are NOT added. Yet then in other notes, they are added no problem. I can say it's since the latest 6.8 GA update (and I am on the latest available now, Rules are critical to me, as I use them to separate each day's notes in a note I keep for each client I work for, so I would have noticed if this was a problem in the prior release (I don't know readily what I had before). Since it happens in some notes and not others, I suspect it's a problem related to other content in the note, but I have not been able to discern what the deciding factor is. I could provide sample notes to EN folks who may want to try to replicate or debug this (assuming that on exporting and then re-importing them, the problem would remain. I have not tried that yet.) Just wanted to share another note of support for the problem Craig reported above.
  6. Hmm, despite the encouraging comment from November 2015, this issue remains, a year later, and on the latest version (7.9.8). Been putting up with this for years, despite upgrading to premium. Come on, folks, we just want it to work like the desktop version. This would seem very easy to implement, and with another settings checkbox if you don't want to change the default behavior. Please? Big fan of EN otherwise. :-)
  7. Thanks again, gbarry, for being the voice of wisdom and calm. That's exactly what most of us were hoping to hear. Here's hoping it may restore the faith of some who were especially rattled. Looking forward to the tweak, and to sharing experiences if somehow things remain amiss. Really glad to hear that we were not "over-reacting" to things, as some seemed to feel. I think most of of us really were just trying to help, and seeking help. Very encouraged to see light at the end of the tunnel.
  8. Thanks, this is on windows (both 7 and 8.1), and in 8.1 it's the desktop app (not the metro one). And both are on 5.8.13 (no available updates).
  9. Thanks so much for jumping in, gbarry. One thing that's not been clear, either from that tweet or even your reply, is whether we should be expecting it even once a day, if we keep it open over multiple days. More than that, though, the bigger complaint some have is that even if it WAS only once a day, the real annoyance is that it opens while we are NOT using the app. Are you aware of that? And that when we click the button to say "not now" (or "standard", or whatever it says), that then takes us INTO the app? So you see, it's the disruption it makes to our workflow when NOT working in EN which is the most obtrusive aspect (in addition to it being at least daily, even when we keep it open). Some have said that if it only happened when they opened the app (initially), that would be far more reasonable, and would solve both the problems above. So while we appreciate that opening a ticket would be the best way for us each to report individually our concerns, could you please give your thoughts on this, so that we don't all have to go through that, at least for those to whom these may be the main points? Thanks.
  10. csihilling, please do share where that is stated. If you're saying this based on what JMichael had said, he did not identify the source of his comment when pressed (instead, he chose to leave the thread). Again, it will be great to hear if there is an acknowledgement of problems with the nag and a plan to address it.
  11. JMichael, can you point to the post where you said it was an acknowledged bug? I'm not finding it. Anyway, and perhaps more to the point, I and others have said that we knew that there was SUPPOSED to have been fixed in the latest update, and I (and perhaps others) had applied it, and were still getting the nag, more often than on startup of EN (for instance, I keep it open for days, just as I don't restart my box for days). If there is indeed some resource you can point to which acknowledges it IS bug still now that is due to be fixed, then that would be great (and may help quell some of the complaints). Finally, it's disingenuous for you to complain that it's "the same people". I just went back and counted 16 different people complaining of this, many only once. And I am NOT including yourself and a couple of others who posted other replies, not complaining. Seriously, not all of us here are just being whiners. Some of us with the complaint do it as much for a concern for the sake of EN, and from a concern that the problem was NOT being heard (or if some DID think the problem WAS already solved, as was the case with the last update which was supposed to have addressed this).
  12. Yeah, but JMichael, the difference is that you can turn off the nag by unfollowing the thread. We can't turn off the nag popup in anyway, short of either upgrading or uninstalling. As others have said, we're simply proposing that the nag could be done differently and less often, so as not to be obtrusive. That seems very reasonable to ask, even while we remain happy customers of Evernote. (I realize some here feel differently, and see it as a more nefarious change in direction for EN. I am still hopeful that some in a position of responsibility might hear our plea and simply reconsider the approach taken.) We understand you don't feel there's any need for it to change, JMichael. You've made your point clear. Now it's a matter of time to see how many others feel differently. That's really what a forum is for (along with the twitter approach offered by others here). If that's what it takes for the EN folks to see other opinions, it seems the right place for it to happen. And of course, if the EN folks want to shut down the conversation and say that there will be no reconsideration of the behavior, then it would indeed make sense to close off the discussion, and thread could stand as testament to the countervailing opinions, and EN's decision to stick to their position, if it comes to that. It wouldn't be the first time a company has felt their motivation trumped the complaints of a subset of customers, and then we who were hoping that the nagging nature was all an unintended mistake could simply decide how we would proceed. But let's cross that bridge when we get there.
  13. I had tried to reply to JMichael's comment to me (#29), replying by email, but it has not shown up in a couple of hours, so I will offer it here, at the risk that it will appear again later, if the process to import email replies is perhaps slow: JMichael, as a user of software for nearly 30 years, I'm well aware of how trial software works, and how freeware nags used to work. :-) That's not quite what this is, of course. And if the popup did go away after 2-3 secs I'd not be arguing against it. In my experience, it does not. It is also not something that goes away just by clicking escape. I think those are reasons why people are more up in arms about it. I really wish there'd be less assertion that we're ungrateful freeloaders and more focus on where our experiences of the nag may be different from each other. (And no, I don't think it's wrong for those who have been offered a free service to enjoy it without guilt as long as it's freely offered. And I say that as a "business man", too. If the maker of the service decides they must charge for it, or induce people to upgrade, fair enough. Again, in this case, I wonder if what you are experiencing is the same as what I and others here are complaining about.)
  14. Answering as another interested party on this thread, I would say, JMichael, that while EN is indeed "worth" the price of the popup, that doesn't make it any less annoying. This akin to asking if the love of our spouse is "worth the price" if they f**rt in our direction as they get out of bed every morning. Our value of them is not really the question. It's about propriety of the behavior, as generally accepted by most. (The forum software censored the word replacing it with 4 asterisks. I'm editing it to leave only one so people know what I had typed originally.) I don't think anyone would argue with a popup that was occasional (perhaps weekly or monthly). That would not only be fair to ask of us, in exchange for the great free tool and service, but it could perhaps even beneficial as some users might benefit at a later point in being reminded of features they passed on initially. But it just seemed that the new popup was happening far more frequently than that. Now, JMichael, you're a frequent contributor to these forums with a high profile rating, whereas mine is miniscule by comparison. I appreciate that your perspective on things is different, and you're clearly a strong supporter of EN. Some of us are indeed fans, but just regular users. And it's just that as a long-time EN user I too was surprised by the sudden and persistent nags. It just didn't seem "the evernote way", and seemed like something was amiss. When there was an assertion that the latest update would address this, that was encouraging, but it had not addressed it (for me), which is perhaps all the more reason that some folks are pressing about this. All that said, I have just rebooted today after having applied the update a few days ago. Perhaps the frequency will fade now. I share that as possible encouragement to some readers, if they also had tried the latest update, to no avail. I started following this thread just today to see if there may be some other news on the matter. Hoping that there is either a resolution, or perhaps a clear statement from someone on the EN team that we should simply expect more frequent nags. If that's the case, then indeed some will vote with their feet, and having observed how other free services changed their models over the year (most notably LogMeIn), I do understand that sometimes free services can't continue as they originally did. Again, this isn't really about the value of the free level, or the plus, or so on. It seems now just a question of whether such frequent nags are indeed just to be expected and accepted. I realize you think they are. Can anyone from EN confirm that?
  15. I realize this is quite an old post, but in case other find it (as I have, now 3 years later), I want to note share some observations about customizing the widget (s). First, thanks for the ip on the "hide" feature. I'd missed that, too, and had no idea how to customize things to remove (or move) options. I see now that we can select one and then choose settings, to either "hide" it or simply select a new one to appear in its place. That was not at all obvious. :-) Indeed, if anyone was looking for a way to "move" options, that's just not an option (and perhaps it's an Android widget limitation). You have to do the dance I just mentioned. Second, FWIW, the tip using "hide" works not just with the "grid" widget but also the "small" widget. Maybe that was changed since this post was first written. That said, I find that in the "small' widget, hiding sometihng creates a blank space where it was (whereas in the grid widget, it shifts things to the left into its place). Finally, while this is a great way to get some key options listed on the widget, I'm bummed to see there's not just a bit more flexbility/capability. For instance, I was looking for a way to easily create a new audio or speech to text note. While the widget (and these tweaks) let me them at the top of the list of options in the widget, there's no way (it seems) to have these go into some particular notebook or be tagged a certain way by default. (And I don't even see a way to choose those after starting an audio note with the widget). My hope was to automate such audio note-taking so I'd not need to type while driving. Am I missing perhaps something in the widget setup or in EN itself? I know this went a bit beyond the original subject, but it's tangentially related (customizing the widget). :-)
  16. While Jackolicious offered a reply of a coming fix for this for Mac users, what about Windows Desktop users who are experiencing the same thing? I have, for quite some time (months, at least), in mulitple versions. Yet I have only about 1500 notes taking up about 140mb. When I do a search (even if only within a notebook of 500 notes), it often freezes after typing two characters, for about 5 seconds (about 50% of the time, enough for me to have come searching for help and found this thread and read it to the end here.) I see others here also reporting the issue on Windows. Surely only a few hundred notes and a couple hundred meg should not be the cause of slowness. (I'm on rev 5.8.1+.) Is this an acknowledged issue on Windows as well? And is there any solution, planned or that we can implement? I'm open to doing anything like a index rebuild or optimization. I won't try uninstalling/reinstalling, though. I had in fact done that just a couple months ago, to no avail. (Well, I was suffering the longstanding problem of the old 4.6 release that would not uninstall, as was widely reported by many. I finally got it off and upgraded to 5, and a couple of updates to that since then.)
  17. With users of Evernote Free now relegated to "self-support" and directed always to "the community" for help, how would we get word to Evernote folks about a problem of outdated/incorrect info with a knowledge base article? Would we post it here, and hope that someone in the community would be connected in such a way as to get the info to someone within the EN team? It's just not clear if these forums are read by EN folks as well as "the community". I do wish there was some provision for an easier way to report KB (or web site) issues even as a free user, without having to resort to filing it as a "community request". I wonder how many other folks (in this situation) would just skip bothering, for not knowing how to report something (and not wanting to bother to ask this question here). BTW, I did search the forums for [web site issues] and found all manner of results but none were at all related to how to file a report of web site issues (even when I used ["web site" issues]. Of course, I did not included the square brackets. That's just to clarify what were search terms.) Just trying to help.
  18. Ah, my bad. I was viewing other notes in the threads from others who were marked as Evangelists. I'd missed that he was an employee. Either way, I appreciate the efforts of both, and I see that he later replied to my note. Thanks.
  19. In his note above, GBarry (I inadvertantly referred to him as an Evangelist, but he is an EN employee) offered some registry-based tweaks that "advanced users" might want to try. I'd like to offer some feedback and also some more info with respect to that. Geoff wrote (or may have gathered from elsewhere): ------------------------ Advanced Users/regedit option: Open regedit (windows key + r, type regedit) and search (control + f) for the following: 4C8BBCC8-8363-11E2-A3F4-984BE15F174E E190C2EAF5FC03E468956D042EA3B899 If you locate any of these, delete them and reboot, then install 4.6.4.------------------------ I appreciate that as an Evernote employee Geoff's simply trying to help and does of course indicate that this is a step for "advanced users". Still, I do fear that even those comfortable with using regedit could use even just a little more info to be sure to "delete" the right thing and also to make sure they "find" all they really need to. I share here two broad sets of observations: first about the keys/values I've found searching for these strings (and questions about what all to really delete) and second some suggestions to help others who may try to do that find within regedit. It's easy to miss a couple of key points and not find what you need to. Yes, this is a long note, but when dealing with registry tweaks, it's really best to err on the side of caution and careful detail, I think. :-) (Indeed, any suggestion to modify the registry must come with great caution to be very careful. A wrong move can prevent some unexpected problem whether with one or more apps or even your whole machine. Even "advanced users" should be careful to seriously consider doing a backup, either of their entire computer or of at least the registry itself before making any changes where they are not confident in what they are doing. I can understand GBarry not thinking this needed to be repeated, in the interest of getting the ideas out ASAP. But as long as I'm writing, I'll say it in case it may help even one person who might not have considered it.) 1) What should we REALLY be deleting? data, values, or entire keys? And in all cases? I think not... First of all, we're told the string to look for, and you say "If you locate any of these, delete them", but by "them", do you mean we should delete only the one value (if it's one of many within a key)? or the entire key (if it contains a value holding this string and others)? That's not as obvious as it may seem, as I hope to show. Without being told, folks could read this any way they want, and you could get different people declaring success or failure who may not have done really the "same thing". (And some might make a wrong move with potentially severe consequences, thus the warning about backing up above.) 1a) For instance, in searching across all keys, values, and data for the first string offered, "4C8BBCC8-8363-11E2-A3F4-984BE15F174E", I found the following: The key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products\8CCBB8C436382E113A4F89B41EF571E4\ with the value=data pair: ProductIcon=c:\Windows\Installer\{4C8BBCC8-8363-11E2-A3F4-984BE15F174E}\Evernote.ico There were 11 other values within that key. So should we delete the whole key (and all 12 values) or just the one value holding this string you mention? I'd assume the former, but your note here doesn't say. (Fortunately, it does at least refer to Evernote in the data so it seems safe to assume this is indeed a key of interest.) I also found the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Installer\Products\8CCBB8C436382E113A4F89B41EF571E4 with the same value/data as above: ProductIcon=c:\Windows\Installer\{4C8BBCC8-8363-11E2-A3F4-984BE15F174E}\Evernote.ico and seemingly the same 11 other values as the one above. Then I found the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\Folders and the value/data: c:\Windows\Installer\{4C8BBCC8-8363-11E2-A3F4-984BE15F174E}\ (this was a reg_sz value with no data assigned to it) But here's a big difference: note that this value is one of hundreds of others within that key (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\Folders), and they refer to folders for all the windows installers, so it seems that people should be warned NOT to delete the entire key. Instead (I assume you would mean) they should delete (if anything) just that one value. But people really need to be told, lest they misinterpret the "delete them" suggestion. Again, I realize this was written for for "advanced users". Even so, noting that just these 3 sets of keys/values above are quite different, it's just doesn't seem enough to say only "delete them". Just trying to help, not criticize. Continuing the search (as much to document things for interested readers), the next key I found with that first string was: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\S-1-5-18\Products\8CCBB8C436382E113A4F89B41EF571E4\InstallProperties with value/data of: ModifyPath=MsiExec.exe /X{4C8BBCC8-8363-11E2-A3F4-984BE15F174E} and about 25 other values. This seems perhaps one of real interest, since it's all about install properties (along with the next, about uninstall properties). But since you say to delete all references, I wouldn't mean to be suggesting that folks should delete only this or the next one. The next key having that string is one of its value/data fields is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{4C8BBCC8-8363-11E2-A3F4-984BE15F174E} also with ModifyPath=MsiExec.exe /X{4C8BBCC8-8363-11E2-A3F4-984BE15F174E} and UninstallString=MsiExec.exe /X{4C8BBCC8-8363-11E2-A3F4-984BE15F174E} and about 25 other keys. 1b) That's just the locations for the first string GBarry offered. As for the second string (E190C2EAF5FC03E468956D042EA3B899), I found just the following three keys with that string in their key name: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\UpgradeCodes\E190C2EAF5FC03E468956D042EA3B899 and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Installer\UpgradeCodes\E190C2EAF5FC03E468956D042EA3B899 and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UpgradeCodes\E190C2EAF5FC03E468956D042EA3B899 And all three having just one empty value. If perhaps these were what really needed to be removed, that might be nice, as they are the simplest to contemplate (having only that one value with no data), and clearly being related to installer "upgrade codes", whatever that may mean. Hope all that's helpful to someone else who may have been wondering what we might find in searching for these strings. (I'd like to wait for any more info, if it might be offered, before trying to delete any of these myself.) 2) People using Regedit Find should beware a couple of things I also want to share a couple of tips related to using the Regedit find as suggested here. Again, I do realize GBarry was sharing the suggested strings to search for as for "advanced users", but even those folks could miss something to their detriment (and to those here trying to understand what's happening as people "try this" as a solution.) First, and along the lines of my asking whether you mean that we should be looking for a key (things in the left pane) or value/data (things on the right pane), note that the regedit find dialogue offers an option for you to choose one or all three of those things to search: keys (things in the left pane) or values or data (things in the right pane). And note that if you had previously opened Regedit to do some other find, whether days or years ago, you may find different checkboxes set from that previous search you did. Until we get an answer to my first question above, it seems safest to check all three options (to find "anything" holding that string. (The "match whole string" option may be helpful but does not seem necessary since these are pretty unique strings we're being told to search. Even so, you may want to make that whatever key you may be tempted to "delete" does show that it's related somehow to evernote.) Second, and finally, users ought to be reminded (in steps like those offered below) that when opening regedit and doing a find, they REALLY need to make sure first that they are starting their find at the "top" of the registry. Otherwise, if they happen to have previously opened it and have it pointing at some key "further down" in the registry display, the problem is that when they start their find, it is from that point, down. Regedit's find feature does not "wrap around" to start searching from the "top" when it "reaches the bottom". (This is also important to note when you move on to searching for the second string offered in GBarry's note above.) Finally, even "advanced" users (and certainly many others desperate to try anything to solve this Evernote update problem) might not even realize what I mean by "make sure you're starting at the top" of the registry when you search for these keys. The point is that if when you open Regedit, if you don't see the left pane showing the very first entry in the display as "computer" (the top-most item in the outline-based display of registry keys), you need to scroll that left pane up and click on that (or click any item on the left pane and click the home key, which should highlight that very first "computer" item in the outline). THEN when you do a search, it will start from that point, down. And yes, I really do think that even "advanced users" should be reminded of all this (though I'll understand GBarry not offering my second set of points here, in the interest of getting "the least we might need to know" out ASAP. But I felt it worth taking time to share now, lest some might come back saying "I did what the note said to do, and deleted what I found, but it still didn't work for me", only because they didn't really find and/or delete ALL references to these strings. --- Once we perhaps get more detail, it may be safer for some of us to proceed with deleting keys. But I really have been hoping (since looking into the first failing 4.6.4 update) that perhaps instead the EN engineers may resolve things in the installer itself, allowing us to forego any such registry tweaks. But if it somehow ends up that this will be necessary, or needed for some who want to move before then, I hope the info above has been helpful, whether to a user, an evangelist, or someone at Evernote. Love the tool and use it daily.
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