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  1. hey there, so i installed the Evernote_beta_1.4.76539.apk version after de-installing the old one.. i now have the "speaker on" option available BUT sorry to admit, it seems i just had the "music/video volume" to low... don't know why this was on zero :shock: so sorry again for the trouble, it works as expected now.. btw. just noticed that the +/- volume hardware-buttons on the droid/milestone just control the "music/video volume" IF a media thingy is playing right now.. otherwise it controls the "ringer volume" sooo, you can close the report with "user fail" if you want regards patric
  2. Hey there, i'm running Evernote 1.3 (70553) on a Motorola Milestone with the 2.1 Android release. the voice recording/replay seems not to be working, i start the recording.. say some stuff, but when i now want to replay the note on my android ('before saving).. there is no audio output at all. after upload, within the web-interface i can listen to my recording, but not on the milestone. my telephone functions are working without a problem!
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