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  1. LOL... This is discussion is a little stale now. When I started the thread, the spell checker sucked. A year and a half later, it works well for me.
  2. Reply to my own post above. Two things: I work for a company that creates products that are sold to business customers. We have stiff competition. Our company is doing well because our products are pretty good as evidenced by our annual sales, profits, and market share. I get a salary from the proceeds which helps me meet my personal and family commitments. If we fail to innovate, that all could change. So I have a personal motivation to listen to customers and do what I can do to keep our products competitive and our company profitable. It helps customers, helps the people in my company, and it helps me. If our company is backsliding and our current customers are being tempted to "defect", I would hope that they would say something to us like I did above, including "please don't give us a reason to defect". I like to say "businesses don't do business with businesses, people do business with people". This is another reason why I feel like I have a personal relationship with Evernote. It isn't a transnational relationship. The Evernote people have created a product that has made my life better. So why wouldn't I try to get their attention? Second thing: Since posting above, I have been experimenting with Notion. I've watched a lot of YouTube videos and purchased an online training course. I go between watching those resources and trying things out in my Notion account. My assessment: Notion is pretty darn good. What's likely to happen next: Notion looks like it could become my "daily driver".
  3. My plea to Evernote: Please give me a reason not to look around. I read the list in the original post and noted one reason not to consider Notion: "...how do you know Notion will be around tomorrow?" My first note in Evernote is dated 1/3/2009. I didn't think too hard about whether Evernote would be around "tomorrow". I loved the new idea that Evernote brought to the market and wanted to try it. That question is irrelevant to me at the moment as well. Here's what is making me look around. Evernote on Windows has barely changed in years. It is getting long in the tooth. Microsoft Office was the same way until the new CEO came along and kicked some butts. There has been a ton of innovation in recent years, a lot of which I really like and use on a daily basis. It isn't perfect but it keeps evolving and I have confidence that it will evolve some more. I'm not looking around for an alternative to Microsoft Office. I am playing around with Notion. It's kind of hard to learn because they've crammed so much into it. I don't think I'll need a Kanban board and some of the other things they've thrown in. But you can sense the electricity surrounding the product. New things are coming out all the time. There is some serious innovation going on there. I think it's worth a look. Nothing innovative is going on at Evernote. Six months after the new CEO arrived and told everyone that brighter days are ahead – nothing. I suppose there is a lot of refactoring and other under-the-hood stuff. All well and good. But I have zero confidence at this point that any true innovation is on the horizon. I would love to see some signs. Otherwise, I'm going to keep looking around. I'm going to try a few things in Notion. Odds are that once someone is loose in the saddle, they aren't going to renew their premium Evernote subscription.
  4. I read Ian's introductory blog this morning. He said he wanted to hear from customers. I couldn't find an easy way to pass along my feedback. Ian, I hope you'll read this. I think I'm one of your earliest users. My first note is dated 1/3/09. I was using a Mac at that time but switched to Windows, back to Mac, and back to Windows. For a while I used a Windows touchscreen laptop. I have Evernote installed on my iPhone and iPad. I've tried OneNote. Bleh... As I think about the apps that make the use of a computer worthwhile, there are just a few: a web browser, Microsoft Office, an email client, photo editing software, an autocorrect utility, a screen grab utility – and Evernote. Rumors of Evernote's demise greatly concerned me. I am hooked on using Evernote as sort of a Swiss Army knife to use to write down my thoughts, keep notes on various things, capture snippets of information, etc. I use the Web Clipper all the time. It is very handy to capture a note on one device and look it up on another device. It's been hugely important to be able to load Evernote on a new computer and have almost 10 years of notes, thoughts, and information magically appear on it. But I've had my share of frustrations too. Only recently the dictionary function on Windows seemed to get fixed. Really? The UI is all over the place. Honestly, I never seem to remember how to use the iOS apps, both of which are oddly different. Touch on my Dell laptop didn't work because Evernote stopped supporting touch (maybe you do now; I don't have a touchscreen laptop now). I have lived through the Evernote Moleskine days and all of that distraction. In 10 years I've never really felt like Evernote truly knew what its center of gravity was. I hope that will change. Here are some thoughts... Make Evernote nice to look at and easier to use: It's been a while, but I recall that the Mac UI was really nice. The Windows UI is utilitarian. Hire some designers and UI experts and spruce it up. Create some consistency between the iPhone and iPad apps and allow users like me to easily move between them. But don't dumb Evernote down: If I want a dumb note app, I can use Google Keep. OneNote used to be overly complicated and now they have made it overly dumb. Easy to use should mean easy to use, not dumbed-down to the lowest common denominator. You probably should support Markdown: It's not my cup of tea, but why not offer it to customers who love it? I think there are a lot of folks out there would would prefer to write notes in Markdown. This is my cup of tea: I would like the choice of a more sophisticated editor. I don't want a Word clone, but some more formatting tools would be nice. One thing I would love is the ability to set my own paragraph spacing. I would love to have Styles. A table function that really works would be nice. How about offering three editor UIs: Document creation, standard (i.e., the one that is used today), and Markdown. Leverage your cloud: I've always wondered why Evernote didn't go in the direction of Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Evernote was the "100 year company" – I would have trusted my photos (30,000 of them) to Evernote. Now I pay Microsoft. That might be too far from your center of gravity but it makes more sense to me than Moleskines. Fire your brand consultants: Recently I read Chris O'Neill's blog article titled "CEO Notebook: Say Hello to a Refreshed Evernote". It read like a long-form Dilbert comic. "Engage with what matters!" "Extend impact!" "Explore What's Possible!" Evernote is a software product. It does stuff. It will not solve world hunger or achieve peace in the Middle East. For my photo editing I recently switched from Adobe Lightroom to Capture One because its features are better. I use Snagit instead of free screen grab utilities because its features are better. I could go through the list of the software I've selected and I suspect in every case I make a choice because of a combination of features, ease of use, visual attractiveness, and price. Microsoft office is the only thing I use because my company requires it. Stick to making the product better. Fire your brand consultants and hire some UI experts. Software quality has to be rock solid: The dictionary thing really got to me. How could a company in business as long as Evernote have such a flaky dictionary? There are other software issues I've encountered over the years. This is table stakes. In conclusion: Please don't let Evernote die. It is a pioneering product that is still very relevant. It has competitors but I think Evernote is still the best. You need to keep it there. You need to keep a clear eye on what you do well and avoid things that are peripheral. I think Adobe's strategy is a good one to watch. They are creating a cloud-centric model with a solid focus on the workflow of creative people and leveraging the power of tablets. Although I personally prefer a competing product, I think from a strategy point of view they are making some excellent moves. What Microsoft is to office apps, Adobe will be to creative apps. Maybe Evernote won't ever be a Microsoft or Adobe, but I think you should aspire to being identified as the King of the Hill in a core area of application usage. Good luck!
  5. I don't notice any difference. The words I've "added to the dictionary" in the past still get a red underline when I add them to a note today. I've just gotten used to it I guess. Lately we've seen a lot of press about the exit of key executives and reduction in staff. I hold out no hope, to be honest. I read the current CEO's blog recently saying that all is well and they have a new "brand" and all that BS. Yes, the new green elephant on a white background really helps my productivity. All the pretty words in that blog that were ghost-written by a well-paid marketing consultant sound good on the surface. But at the end of the day I don't want to use a "brand" – I want to use software that does the basics well, is reliable and fast, and doesn't have goofy bugs like a dictionary that is just a pretender. Evernote – if you're listening – please fix the dictionary. Please.
  6. Thank you for the guidance. I'll give it a try. I had my laptop reimaged a few months back and had to install Evernote freshly at that point. So I don't have years of detritus to contend with. I set my preferences to my liking and it's always hard to remember exactly what I did. So reinstalling isn't for the faint of heart in a way. Maybe Evernote isn't struggling with the dictionary, but I'm struggling and it’s a pain in the backside.
  7. I looked in the obvious places before posting this. In my c:\Users\<user.\Evernote folder I do not have any folder with "Dict" or "Dictionary" in it. I used the Windows 10 search function to look for "user.dic" and it didn't find anything. I'm less concerned about backing up the custom dictionary and more concerned that after I right-click on a word and add it to the dictionary that the next day I don't have to do it all over again. I've recently started trying the beta versions in hope that some of the lingering Evernote issues will be fixed. The dictionary function was broken bad for a while in production releases, then it seemed to work, then it broke. I can't remember the exact history, all I know is that a product as old as Evernote shouldn't be struggling with this kind of functionality. I wish they would fix it and it would stay fixed.
  8. I am constantly adding the same words to the dictionary. This was fixed once and now it's broken. Also, where is the custom dictionary stored? I would like to see what is in it.
  9. Thanks for telling me how to find the beta release. Now I have to think through whether I want to take a chance on it.
  10. I am using (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829). It is broken in this release, hence my question. I was told via someone in Support that it is working in the latest beta release.
  11. I wound up opening a ticket and getting very quick assistance. The person who helped me said that my issue was fixed in the latest beta ( I don't know where to find that and based on what you're saying above there is a 6.11.2 release?
  12. I noticed that words that I swore I had added to the dictionary were showing as not being remembered. So I looked in the dictionary file and sure enough, they are there. But the red underline appears anyway. Just updated to Windows version 6.11.2. Still happening. C'mon Evernote! This is basic stuff.
  13. I got a new laptop a couple of weeks ago and installed Evernote. All of a sudden the underline problem wasn't there anymore. Turns out a later release seems to have fixed it. I'm now on (306387) Public (CE Build ce-1.36.3494). I checked my old laptop and it wasn't on this release. For some reason Evernote didn't alert me even though my settings include auto-checking for updates. Anyway... Thanks for addressing this.
  14. Great to hear. I'll wait for the official release. I've commented on this a few times in the last year and a half.
  15. I am writing a note in version on a Windows 10 computer. I just typed "isn't". Evernote's spell checker doesn't recognize this word. It underlines "isn" -- I guess Evernote doesn't know about contractions. If I add to the dictionary the entry is "isn". You gotta be kidding. My biggest gripe about Evernote for Windows is that when you add a word to the dictionary, the underline doesn't go away. Next time you write that word there is no underline, so that's good. Every other spell checker that I know of (including Evernote for Mac) removes the underline after the word is added to the dictionary. C'mon Evernote developers. This should be easy to fix.
  16. Hey Evernote, Windows 10 has been around for a while. My wife works at a major US bank and even they are reimaging laptops to use Windows 10. There is an huge installed base of Windows laptops that have touch screens. Every app I have on my laptop supports touch – except Evernote. I accidentally try to scroll an Evernote window from time to time and swear silently. One thing I've always liked about Evernote is "it just works". Nothing fancy, it just does its job. But not in this area. Surely it isn't that hard to figure out. The other thing that drives me a little batty is that when I type a word that is spelled correctly but isn't in your dictionary, the little underline doesn't disappear after I add it to the dictionary. Every other app, including the web editor and browser (Chrome) I'm now using on your web site, does this correctly. I'll give you a real time example. Above I used the word "reimaging". As I type, both instances of this word are underlined in red. I will now right-click and on the first instance, add it to the dictionary, and see what happens. [Pause] The underline in the first instance went away immediately. The underline in the second instance went away a couple of seconds later. That's the way Evernote should work IMHO.
  17. I would like to see the ability to define paragraph spacing in "points" both before and after so that you don't have to insert a blank line to show space between paragraphs. See attached for how you specify in PowerPoint. I think it's great that Evernote has kept its editor fairly simple but IMHO this feature is worth having.
  18. C'mon Evernote... There are a gazillion touchscreen laptops out there now. It's time to support "touch". With every other app on my Windows 10 laptop I can reach up and scroll through a window except with Evernote.
  19. I guess my next question would be how to submit a ticket. I just went to the Evernote web site and they've hidden that link pretty well...
  20. I just installed Windows version (304720) Public. I can't believe two "features" are still in this release: If a contraction like "didn't" is not in the dictionary, only the part in front of the apostrophe is underlined in red, e.g., didn't. When you right-click these are the suggestions: did din dido did n < Whaaa??? Dido When you right-click and select "Add to dictionary", the underline doesn't go away. Evernote, can you fix this please? BTW, I'm viewing this web page in Google Chrome. When I typed "Evernote" in the line above, the word was underlined in red. I right-clicked and added it to the dictionary. The underline went away. This is how every spell checker in the modern era works.
  21. Adding my voice to the choir. I grew up with Windows, then became an avid Mac users. Circumstances led me back to Windows. I use Windows 10 on a Dell laptop with a nice touchscreen. At first I thought it was a gimmick. I have an iPad. I believed you use your fingers with an iPad and a mouse or touchpad with a laptop. Turns out that a touchscreen makes navigating on a laptop much easier and faster. Evernote is on of my core apps. I use it every day. I've developed a habit of reaching up and doing this or that on the touchscreen with all my other core apps but then I forget and try doing this or that on the touchscreen with Evernote and it doesn't work. Bummer. Not sure what it takes for Evernote developers to make a UWP version of Evernote but I would think because it's the future of Windows that Evernote should get on board. Please.
  22. When you're fixing this, I request this enhancement: Allow user control of the printing of the "Subject" (or whatever Evernote calls it): Font type and size (or at least size) Whether it prints out on just the first page or all pages Left, center, or right justified
  23. Boo... Hiss... I didn't like the way the heading was printed previously (font size was too big and no way to control the size) but at least it was there. The header is pretty useless to me. I'm not implying that it is useless per se – maybe a lot of others find it valuable. I'm just saying that printing the header is not a substitute for printing the heading or subject line (or whatever Evernote calls it). Bad move Evernote...
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