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  1. I have the same problem. Don't know whether it's an Evernote problem or a Chrome problem. Since it started several months ago, it gets fixed and then unfixed.
  2. OK, it's working again. Must have been a Chrome problem. Same clipper version New Chrome version: 19.0.1077.3 dev-m
  3. I know you only support the stable version of Chrome but I thought I'd give you this heads-up for Chrome dev channel. Chrome version: 19.0.1061.1 dev-m Clipper version: I have disabled all extensions except clipper. When I hit the clipper icon, I get a whitish box with nothing in it. Right clicking on the clipper icon gives me the usual options. If I right-click in a page, the clipper option is there as usual and works properly. I believe this happened somewhere in the last couple of Chrome updates because it was working fine a few weeks ago. I have also had this problem before with Chrome dev channel but it resolved itself--don't know whether a new Chrome release or a new clipper release fixed it. Clipper log is attached. clipperlog.txt
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