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  1. Just discovered this "feature" today as the Chrome extension must have updated. It's been driving me mad all day and I finally worked out the clipper was appearing with every apostrophe (UK keyboard). Glad it can be turned off even though it can't be customised. Was this actually tested before deploying? Seems like it's going to annoy lots of non-US users...
  2. Mostly don't mind the new look but there's some good ideas for improvements above. One problem I am getting is "Sync failed due to unexpected problem at server side" every time I try to sync. Hopefully this will go away... At least I could remove announcements from the sidebar (unlike in the iOS app - grrr)
  3. That home screen textured green has to go. The text on it is unreadable on iPhone.
  4. Count me as another that wants this gone. It's taking up far too much of precious homescreen space.
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