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  1. I've just been through a painful process of trying to get Evernote V8.0 (and 8.01) to open on my iPhone 6 and iPad. In my case, the problem appears to be because I am a Basic User (i.e. free) and have two devices, an iPhone 6 and an iPad. Evernote seems to think that the old version which has been deleted is still active and so believes that you have too many devices registered. Hard luck if you have not synced your notes from either or both devices between writing them offline and updating the app. If you read this before updating, hold off and sync your notes using the old version, then carry on as below. If you read it after updating and have notes which you have not synced, wait and see if Evernote comes up with a fix for this problem. If you are like me, here are the steps you need to take to allow V8 to work, pending a fix from Evernote: uninstall Evernote on the first device (you will lose your notes but there is no other way) reinstall Evernote on the first device log in to the app (you did keep a note of your login and password, didn't you?) you will see a message saying you have three devices registered unless you really want to pay to upgrade, ignore that offer (maybe even if you do, because I received three emails offering a 40% discount after I went through this process) choose to keep access from two and revoke access from one of your three devices, which will include the old version on your current device - the one to revoke access from (watch out - on my iPad 3, Evernote identified my current device as 'iPhone - iPad 3' and the old version as 'iPad - iPad 3') the new version will now start repeat the above for the other device
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