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  1. First -- add my vote to including time stamping to EN Android. Second -- THANK YOU! It was in this thread that I discovered "Ctrl + semicolon in Evernote for Windows" inserted a time/date stamp. Very Neat!
  2. Hi Fellow Foodies: A few years ago I went through a "collecting recipes thing" -- did some research about chossing the best software in which to store all my treasures, and wound up using a program called AccuChef (mostly because of the slick Wizard it had for copying recipes from websites). Anyway, I've since become an avid Evernote user, and now my wife has decided she wants to move HER recipes -- a collection of 3x5 cards, scribbled on scraps of paper inherited from her Mom and Nana, copied/pasted websites laser-printed 8 1/2 x 11's, etc. into digital recipe storage. Her first digitizing priority at this point is the assimilation of her "family recipes" = handwritten 3x5s and paper scraps -- she's prepared to type them in from scratch. Questions: --------------------------- 1) Has anyone had any experience moving their recipe collection back and/or forth to/from Evernote and any of the many recipe programs available? 2) Many of the recipe programs out there automatically deal with fractions typed in as "2 1/2 C." or "3 1/4 T." rather than "2.5" or "3.25". Does anyone have any thoughts about a "standard" to adopt to minimize confusion and maybe ease sharing and/or moving recipes to different software? 3) My wife does not as yet have any experience with Evernote. I'm thinking that I might set up a "recipe template" to help her keep things organized while she's typing. E.g. Recipe Title: # Served: Description: Ingredients: Instructions (stepbystep): Info: ...any thoughts? Thank you for any thoughts and conversation! Jim, Bristol, Maine USA
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