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  1. Some things I notice right away that make the beta far worse: - The notebooks list hides as soon as you select one, forcing the user to have to remember buttons instead of scanning the screen. I switch notebooks and notes often, and the sidebar was so thin, it didn't hurt having it open all the time. - The list of notes initially shows only FOUR notes in the beta instead of NINE in the old version, adding steps to find recent notes. This is made worse by some effect to fade in content which makes scrolling slow and choppy. Why so much padding when we're trying to scan what should be a list of titles? - The beta is ignoring users' autopilot. The old version was easy to understand when you're used to the desktop app, but this beta forces you to learn where all the hidden tools are located. When you're trying to record notes, the last thing you need to juggle cognitively is what button does what. You should be able to just click a notebook. - The button to pop out notes has been replaced with a fullscreen button. Why aren't we allowed to have multiple notes open side by side now? I always need to reference other notes, and the existence of note links shows that Evernote used to understand this. - The tour forces you to start typing a new note? Shouldn't it be showing you all the hidden interface elements first This is a huge step backwards for me, and I'm very disappointed in Evernote right now. It feels like Evernote is trying to keep up with tablet design trends at the expense of usability. Just please don't cripple the desktop apps like this. Also, something that doesn't work in either web version: Mac/iOS Emoji is converted into squares. I use Emoji for color coding notebooks and it's being intentionally stripped out for some reason?
  2. Using an app which allows you to send multiple PDFs in one email to your Evernote email address (eg. Goodreader), all the PDFs would end up in the same note. iOS only allows apps to push files to other apps, so you can't pull files in from another app.
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