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  1. I created a SHARED notebook and emailed the link to my colleague. They clicked on the link and it opened the Evernote webpage (correct white page with tags/attributes etc on LHS). After 5 seconds that page automatically redirected to www.evernote.com (green home page). No back page arrow available. She's on Windows. I'm on a Mac and had exactly the same error when I recreated it. Is this a bug?
  2. I see this as a design flaw in Evernote (when a notebook is selected its tags are cluttered with other notebooks tags). In your case, what's the benefit of separating your notes into different notebooks at all? I (mainly) would separate notes into different notebooks for precisely the functionality that Evernote does NOT provide. Therefore not worth it to me. e.g. I'd put my "Financial" notes into a "Financial" notebook just so I could see ONLY the relevant tags (in GTD parlance - tags = project manila files). I don't want to see my Travel files (tags) when I'm in my Financial notebook. Else it's not a "Financial" notebook is it ! I do want THAT functionality as a matter of priority!
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