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  1. The main Android Forum for Evernote has the link to the APK file: http://s.evernote.com/androidbeta
  2. Still no images in the notes on my Droid using the latest beta. I've tried logging out and back in again and syncing over WiFi and 3G... The images (all JPEG) show up in the thumbnail previews but when the actual note is opened there is just white space. Any ideas, Evernote devs?
  3. Dear Evernote Admins, We, your community, have many ideas and suggestions regarding possible improvements or features for our favorite multiplatform notetaking software. However, the User Forums, while a great place to discuss possibilities, lacks the style and ease-of-use of a feedback mechanism such as Uservoice. Finding and adding support to a suggestion mentioned in the forums is a difficult task and many times suggestions fall on deaf ears. With an Evernote Uservoice page, your customers can all VOTE on their most-requested suggestions and features so that the Evernote developers can prioritize their work accordingly. Please add a Uservoice account (www.uservoice.com) to your site so that we can get our voices heard through votes to make Evernote even better to use. With thanks, An Evernote User with Ideas
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