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  1. FWIW, I wrote an AutoHotKey script to paste in the range using 3k47's constant string method. http://ziemecki.net/content/evernote-due-date-workaround It ain't the most elegant solution, but it's pretty easy to use.
  2. I see that this implements a simpler process for editing a note. Absolutely worth the effort for that alone.
  3. Some good tips on how to use tagging better. I'd still *like* to see more advanced search options one day, but I can work with this. Thanks!
  4. Is there a way to search across multiple notebooks without searching across *all* notebooks? I have task notes and reference notes, a ton of both, and I rarely want to see the results of both groups at the same time. Also, if such a capability exists, can it be made a saved search? It would be nice if Evernote eventually had something like Google's "advanced search" page. If the goal is to put *everything* in Evernote, one will need a way to find specific items within.
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