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  1. I understand that guests in shared notebooks are only allowed to use tags that have already been used in that notebook, and I think that it's perfect that way (I've explained that below.). But I'm still having a lot of trouble with it. I shared some notebooks with my assistant, the notebooks each contain a note with all the allowed tags. It's a fresh installation of the most recent Evernote windows client. At first tagging didn't work at all. I then recreated some of the tags. And they suddenly worked. But not in all notes. Something seems to be fairly unstable. Any suggestions, fixes or ideas anybody? And as promised above: Let me explain why I completely agree with the decision of Evernote NOT to let guests add new tags. Tagging seems to be widely misunderstood and confused with the use of keywords. Just put certain keywords in the note if you want the note to appear in search results for these keywords although they do not exist in the note content. Tags and a tag structure should be strategically planned to allow grouping of notes that span multiple notebooks. For example: Having a tag "invoice" to mark scanned invoices allows you to display all those invoices in contrast to searching for the keyword "invoice" which might display a wide variety of notes containing that word. Considering what I stated above, it just doesn't make sense to have somebody just add tags to shared notes. New tags should be planned and discussed with the whole team. Otherwise the whole idea of tagging becomes pretty much useless. And, please, I do not mean to start a flamewar... I just hope to inspire some of you think about their use of tags and may get even more use out of Evernote. And I'll happily offer more advice on how to get the most out of tagging.
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