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  1. (Just posted this in the App Store - reproducing here) Hi all, This is my 7th year using Evernote and my loyalty is flagging fast - I'm ready to bail. In the past I've raised issues regarding the editor, it's strange behavior such as typing off screen, odd line spacing at times, appalling table function, constant hanging when pasting from innocuous sources like Outlook email, lack of fundament functionality such as format painting or paragraph markers all of which others must experience as well and more - *but* everything else seems to get an overhaul except the core of the application. I've recently been using One Note for work and the editor in One Note is a polished piece of work compared to Evernote. This afternoon, the Evernote app upgraded on the iPad & iPhone and the User Interface has changed - apparently for the better but right now a piece of information I need can't be accessed - on the iPad or iPhone. I had to go to the PC to find it. I can no longer tell if a sync is in progress. Why a note shows up in the left pane but is blank in the right pane needs me to stop what I'm trying to do and figure out the new UI. If I didn't have so many notes, many of them with encrypted parts and hyperlinks, it'd be in the bin by now. For this type of change to be a priority over a total rework of the core note editor seems to highlight that the Marketing/Product Dev people have a very strange set of priorities. If they disagree, put out an honest survey asking Evernote users what they love/hate/want regarding the editor *and* if the UI really needs to be tweaked as a priority over the editor. I'll go for a walk around the block before I see what's going on with the new UI but I'm *really* disappointed with the Evernote team responsible for the UI changes and management's lack of vision in sorting out the editor. Wrong direction folks - totally. Bart
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