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  1. would be very convenient to record audio notes from the web version. you can either use a flash recorder, or i know that google is possibly using some html5 features for their "audio search".
  2. i had this problem with the iphone version this weekend. i too am a premium member. it is really annoying to lose a note. i edited a pre-existing note that was first created on the iphone i wanted to append text to it, but at some point it went blank i added my text hoping that on the desktop version it would append. instead, only the new text is there. simplenote has a revision history which would've prevented the data loss.
  3. a good example would be if you map a drive letter to your dropbox, and you keep it the same on all computers.
  4. Ok thank you. I'd like to use this for a team and I understand the logic behind this decision but it wouldn't work well for us. No problem though!
  5. i tried linking to a file in my note using the format "file:///c:\thedirectory" it won't load the folder/file in evernote, but if i place it in a text file it will work.
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