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  1. Censorship is as slippery slope. Also a shame folks don't seem to care for a civil dialogue. Sometimes no reply is the best reply in those cases. One of my favorite memes. Though it may get nixed for the dog s#!t bit.
  2. Audacity is a pejorative by the by. You are right tone has taken more of an antisocial turn the past year in these forums. Not a place for the faint of heart.
  3. Love is infinite, but life is finite. So I've heard.
  4. Agree 100 on the McD, but for whatever reason (bad palate maybe) the BK coffee tastes good to me. Mysteries of life I suppose.
  5. For fun re analogies... Burger King sells a cup of coffee for a couple of bucks which tastes great, big surprise to me by the way! Why would I pay seven bucks for a cup of coffee it I can get it for two? Same goes for software. Folks tend to compare "like" items to establish value. Coffee and software a bit of a mismatch. Hopefully the value of any software would supersede the value of any cup of coffee (unless there was a shot of something in that coffee). 😉
  6. Point was EN was slow synching massive changes in the day and appears to be the same in the new day. There was a workaround in the day,
  7. Similar issue existed in legacy days. Massive tag changes or moves took forever to sync. But if you firewalled EN and made changes and then reconnected the changes synced quickly. Seemed like EN was getting in its own way real time but not so much “batch”. No idea what is up in the new world.
  8. Not sure 3 year old code qualifies as legacy code, exactly? Anyway, part 2 re those no longer with is more problematic. And who knows if the better coders were with EN or BS? Across time though, Evernote as a product has suffered from what appeared on the outside to be a serious lack of test scripts. An inordinate number of inane bugs found their way to production in legacy days. Maybe it was infectious? 😔
  9. I was asking re history as some reported losing attachments that were once there, tax files if I remember being one example. I thought a version pre "untitled" might exist in history if that were the case. 🤷‍♂️
  10. I guess maybe the point is one expected the EN history function to perform like other cloud providers and it didn't. That's the rub. I don't know, did History take a hit in the V10 process? (Doesn't mean the others won't fail at some point but I haven't heard of many Google, DropBox, OneDrive, MEGA, pick a service failures.) When I left EN all my old and new attachments made their way to MEGA. The few times I have had a DAA (DumbA$$Attack) their versioning has saved me.
  11. Pretty serious fail on BS's part and you are being quite accommodating is all. Not a bad thing. Data loss of any sort (temporary or otherwise) for a second brain app isn't becoming. One might ask if they have modified their test script processes in light of this. Losing data is like dropping babies, you just don't.
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