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  1. Never tried it, but don’t think so. Not much of an impact on grocery lists. But I suppose it might be for other use cases.
  2. Other side of the fence here. Far easier and simpler to share grocery lists with my wife using Wunderlist than Evernote. Not really EN's forte. Keeps my help desk hours to a minimum as well. Everything else in EN. Horses for courses.
  3. As a premium subscriber you are able to search the contents of Word documents. The updated document will be saved back into EN when you exit Word, no extra steps required.
  4. Wow, that's a POWERFUL reaction to an inanimate piece of software.
  5. The History function is not available to Basic subscribers.
  6. I use a set of tags based upon the US tax document schedules for all tax related notes, which all contain PDFs. All the tags have a prefix of 1040, so 1040.Sched.A for any deduction notes, 1040.Sched.B.Div for any dividend notes, etc. One additional tag for backup, 1040.Backup. I also add a year tag to the note in the form _2019. Then a search of tag:_2018 tag:1040* -tag:1040.backup yields all tax documents for the year. Select all, Save Attachments to a folder, zip all the files with a password, and then send to the tax preparer. Save the zip in EN so I don't confused later... FWIW.
  7. I thought @evernotehelps was also available to Basic users?
  8. BitLocker is available on my Surface with Windows 10 Home. Don't know if it is different with a PC...
  9. @artlieberman If it is really important to you there are volume encryption tools that you can use to encrypt your data. BitLocker is built into Windows.
  10. Could have been in response to the all caps post, a lot of drama for 33 up votes.
  11. Make sure you are using the right username. Sometimes accounts are accidentally created with usernames very similar to the original. Typically that is what has happened when someone's notes "disappear". May not be, but make sure.
  12. You are welcome. Remember indent is supposed to move in all lines in a paragraph in, a tab just moves a predefined distance on a single line. Though tab and indent do work the same for numbered lists and bullets, they don't for check boxes, which it appears are being treated as text, not lists.
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