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  1. Update: I have tested it on an HTC MyTouch 4g running Cyanogen Mod 7.2 (Android 2.3.7), and a stock HTC Flyer running Android 3.2.1, and it works on both. It would be great if people responded with the devices they have confirmed this feature on. Also, still have not found a thorough list of commands that work. Ie, I can't seem to find a way to do a new line or new paragraph. Thanks! Jon
  2. Excited to see the speech-to-text features added! 2 Questions: 1. Is there a list of possible formatting commands that work? I can't find one for the default ICS voice input, either. I'm interested in new lines, formatting, punctuation, etc. 2. Does anyone know of any other devices that work with the new feature? I know the says a device with ICS, but that it may work on other devices. Anyone confirm the others? Thanks! Jon
  3. I am trying to create Note Templates...or at least a close approximation of them on my Android devices. One suggestion is to create a notebook, then put note templates in it, and copy the note into the notebook of my choice for editing. The problem is, Evernote on Android won't allow you to copy notes. The other suggestion I've seen is to export the .enex file, then open it as needed. Unfortunately, they won't open on Android. Doe anyone have any suggestions for this? Thanks! Jon
  4. Has anyone found an easy (possibly automatic) way of getting Kindle Highlights from http://kindle.amazon.com into evernote? Sure, you can copy/paste, but then you have to remember where you left off, etc. Does anyone know of a way to automatically sync them? Thanks! Jon
  5. With the introduction of several Android Devices of varying size this year (Archos, Entourage eDGe, etc), it would be great if Evernote would scale to the screen properly. Currently, it will work on larger screens, but it won't scale, so you end up with a 3" window on a 10" screen. I can't wait to see Evernote on a nice, big Android screen! Thanks!
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