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  1. I arrange my notes by date Updated. What I am mostly trying to do is scroll back to the top after I have worked on a note that is older and somewhere down the pile.

    I am unable to scroll back up.

    Something I did not mention, because it added unclarity, was if I have the top entry open, and drag the scroll bar down, it doesn't jump back to the top, it jumps back up to some random place in the middle of all my note list.

    The problem  only happens when I am in the list that includes all my notebooks. If I go to a sub note list, then it scrolls correctly.     

  2. Not true that you cannot save Adobe reader files into Evernote, it just takes a bit of set-up.

    Here is at least one way to do it, there may be others. Essentially Adobe Reader opens a read-only copy of the pdf file, but you can make changes to it and save those changes. The key to making this work is to simply replace your original pdf with the one that is edited in Adobe, each time you open, edit an save it. 

    This works for EN desktop, not sure if it would work if you only use online edition.

    1 - Save pdf to Evernote

    2 - Make sure adobe reader is set to be the default pdf reader/editor (use "Set Default Programs" in Windows settings, no idea for Mac)

    3 - click on pdf in Evernote, it will open the pdf in Adobe.

    4 - to test make a change like highlighting the title, so that you will see it in EN, which shows the first page of pdf attached to the note

    5- Click save in Adobe, and a "Save As' box will open. It should be pointed to your Evernote attachments file (C:\...\Evernote\Databases\Attachments) 

    6 - Sort the attachments file by last modified, and if you just placed the pdf into EN, it should be at the top

    7 - Highlight the pdf file you just opened in the Save As box, and then click save (sometimes downloaded pdfs will have a cryptic name. )

    If you now go back to EN, you will see that your changes show up in the pdf contained in the note.


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  3.  "the clipper couldn't start on this page....".

    Same error, checked the Java and third party settings that helped another user, and these were already appropriate. It does work on a couple of sites, like for instance Google search results, or on this page but not on most other pages I have loaded. 

    I tried restarting Chrome browser and reinstalling extension, to no avail.

    using Win 8.1, new computer, so other settings may have changed.  

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