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  1. If I switched off prompt before delete (from default) can it be turned back ON? Actually, I would prefer ability to control delete option for notebooks vs tags/notes. Delete of notebook is VERY dangerous. Deserves special care.
  2. Yes, I totally agree with this feature request. PLEASE provide a means to link to other EN notes. Perhaps a mechanism to do a Search of notes. This could be either an existing saved Search or a custom search. Without exposing a Note GUI or ID number, I suppose something like notebook.title would be great. Granted, if the Note was moved or Title was changed, it would break the link. Even then (dreaming here) a quick lookup of any internal links to the note about to be moved/renamed/deleted would generate a warning message. WHAT EVER IS DONE PLEASE GIVE US a way to link to INTERNAL EN Notes. Thank You for an otherwise useful tool.
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