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  1. @gazumped I am so used to Skitch that I see no reason to change really. The only exception is this annoying behavior. So if anyone knows how to solve that, it would really help me.
  2. Hi, I have been suffering from this problem with Skitch for a while now, and I hope somebody here is able to help me out. I use Skitch all the time to make annotated screenshots and insert those in email when I need to explain something. When I started using Skitch this worked fantastically, but a while ago (maybe two years ago - not really sure) the persons receiving my mails started complaining that the screenshots I inserted in the mails were not readable. After a bit of research, it became clear that when I use cmd+c and cmd+v to insert a screenshot directly from Skitch - it gets inserted as a TIFF bitmap and many email programs do not support TIFF as something that they can display. Ever since then, I need to drag the annotated screenshot from Skitch on my desktop (forcing it to be exported as JPG or PNG) and then drag it into my email message. Then all works fine - but it's an extra step that really get's annoying if you need to write a message containing more than one screenshot. Anybody else experiencing the same issues? Is there any way to solve this problem? Hope you can help me out! Johan.
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