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  1. I'm seeing this glitch has been here since like 2012 and it doesn't seem anyone provided an answer or workaround so I don't have much hope on this, but... If I'm filtering notes by a tag (which I do a lot) and I need to remove that specific tag I filtered from some of the results I got (which I really do a lot), the program jumps to the first note on the filtered notes list, instead of just falling to the note next or before the one that got removed because of the tag swap. And it's really annoying to the point I'm thinking about finding another notes program with a similar structure to Evernote just to get that solved. I use Evernote for GTD (through TSW) and so switching the filtered tag for another one is something I do at least 30 min each week for some lists of easily 50 notes each. So it's just a tremendous amount of time I lose scrolling back to where I was each time I make a change and that goes absolutely against any GTD principle. It's just annoying and breaks any flow of productivity you may build. Edit: Also I mean, if I just delete a note from the list it works exactly as one would expect (which makes me think it can't be that difficult to correct).
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