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  1. Sincere apologies for making you assuming I'm having "conceptual difficulty with what Evernote is today." I did in fact mean "stacks." Nested lists have never, currently don't and will never exist in the future. Thank you for that clarification. I appreciate your passion behind "Saved Searches" as that apparently is a perfect solution for you. I think the present UI for saved searches is significantly lacking... but whatever floats your boat. That's why I offered up the suggestion. Just think of them as "Saved Searches" that get listed under a notebook they apply to in the notebook tree. It may be a total impossibility and that's perfectly fine. I stem the idea from smart albums that Aperture employs as a tool for dynamically grouping photos. I felt it was an idea that could be effective in Evernote... as evident by your statements I should have never made any such suggestion at all. Thank you for properly educating me in the matter. I'll continue to do my best to comprehend the fundamentals of organization behind Evernote and strive never to suggest such ridiculous notions in the future.
  2. Yes, in a way it is just creating some UI magic to making searching for notes easier... although when rendered it should still appear just as though it was a notebook (just rendering in notebooks based upon criteria you define in its properties). It could then be rendered in the notebook tree underneath a notebook (I'm not certain if it would be a good thing to allow them as a primary tier item in the notebooks tree... but at least second tier almost as though it's nested under a notebook as it's primary). Use search criteria create dynamic sub-notebooks, something that could fall under the primary notebook. Quite frankly it could replace the need to have nested notebooks which are supported on the desktop versions (and web I'm assuming), but not yet on the iOS client. Overall I see it as a way to allow in a larger sense notebooks to become more general. These smart notebooks or groupings through the use of criteria could provide more granular controls to organize within that notebook. By leveraging existing data in the notes such as dates, keywords, and most especially tags, you more easily organize a vastly expanding library of notes. Notebooks become the home for basic subjects Tags and other data add in detailed classifications Smart Folder, Lists, Notebooks (whatever you call it) would be the filter for that detailed information within a notebook Eliminating (possibily) the need to rely on nested notebooks where the note can only exist in that particular notebook even though that notebook may exist within another notebook Allowing one note to be visible in multiple smart listings (maybe one note applies more than one smart grouping you've created) Let me know if this is still note making sense. I'm just trying to consider an added bit of functionality that would make it easier for users to wrap their head around organization. To me the smart groupings would fit the bill. It's a bit overwhelming when you first dive into the Evernote experience because you can start dumping everything in... but then comes the eventual need to clean things out of a general folder or to consolidate notebooks so you don't have groups so specific that you have to search your entire collection of notes just to remember what notebook that note may have existed within. I've fought with the organization approach myself... do you go general with notebooks... do you go specific with notebooks... do you nest notebooks to clean up your collection... do you create a myriad of saved searches to handle finding what you're looking for... etc.
  3. Yes, I see this as affiliated more with notebooks and allow drilling down within. I see it as a way to treat views or sub-organization within a notebook (folder). Example, I have a recipes notebook and want to have sub categories based on "Saved Search" criteria and and additional criteria as outlined previously. As users continue to add content and notebooks, it's a suggestion to more elegantly handle organization. Things to consider: Would it make sense to have numerous saved searches to sort through to find what you want? Example if I break down recipes into breakfast, deserts, entrées, salads, pastries.. etc... would it be easier to hunt them down in the listing for saved searches or render them as a dynamically generated grouping that you affiliate conceptually with a given notebook. All notes that fall in that main bucket of recipes could be tagged and then sorted down from there with the approach I'm suggesting. To me it seems more intuitive than trying to figure out what the search was from a list that applies to your entire collection of notes. It's merely filtering a notebook into groupings that make sense to you. Are saved searches any easier? Saved searches are nice in generalities... but it's not an elegant solution... it has the feel of something engineers added, but has yet to be flushed out. What I propose could utilize functions used for that in a way that would be more intuitive on a per notebook basis to east organization and help find sub-groupings faster.
  4. An advanced option that might allow for a note to be right-clicked and have the option to "Edit HTML" of that particular note. I know and have done my own searching to edit some notes where occasionally some code made it over to the note and throws off how things appear, but it would be a welcome option to quickly edit some of the HTML in a note if so desired.
  5. However you want to phrase it, I see a need to enhance the “saved searches” of Evernote into something more dynamic that could be used to elegantly re-envision organization within Evernote. I’m thinking of something that is already utilized by anyone familiar with iTunes playlists and Aperture smart albums. You could allow for every notebook to have smart folders or smart bundles. Numerous potential criteria could be utilized as possible filters to dictate what is shown or not shown in relation to that particular folder. Items to consider for criteria: Note Date Range (any notes created between the following times) Note Name Tag(s) Media Attached Images Audio Documents PDF [*]Checklist Present (quickly pull a list of all notes with action item checklists) [*]Links [*]Location (by radius to a given lat/lon marker) [*]Location (by region... example all notes that pertain to a city, state, country, etc.) This could drastically enhance the organization potential for Evernote users with copious notes without having to rely upon constantly setting up search criteria or relying saved searches.
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