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  1. So, I posted about this issue earlier this month and I still have this problem. ( I see my post was moved here and it turns out I wasn't the only one with this issue.) I'm using Google Chrome with Windows 10. I can log into Evernote and it loads my initial notes. After a few seconds I cannot interact with the screen and eventually Chrome asks me if I want to kill the page. Are there any updates on this issue? I can say though that Windgesskyhigh's workaround works for me as well.
  2. Evernote does not work properly in my Chrome browser. Most of the time I can log in, but I cannot interact with anything on the page. If I refresh the page, it does not load at all. The Task manager shows the tab using a lot of CPU (up to 90%) and eventually Chrome asks if I want to kill the page. I am able to log in using Firefox and type/create notes etc. After doing that in firefox, using it in Chrome worked again for a short while. However, after a few minutes of typing, the site froze again. It did not save the changes I made and I cannot interact with the screen.
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