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  1. Hi,

    we want to program a macro for the app Phrase Express.

    We want to copy a pdf text + and built the correct paragraph. Then we paste it to EN.

    But Evernote uses not the same code like other apps. We need the code vor paragraph, to replace other characters.

    The normal code is: CR = (#asc 13) but it does not work

    My english is not very good. So I hope somebody can read the problem in German.

    1. The current issue:

    Wie kommen wir weiter?
    Beim Kopieren eines Textes aus einer pdf-Datei mit einer PhraseExpress-Phrase müssten die Leerzeilen
    mit dem Zeichencode ausgetauscht werden, den "Evernote" als Absatzmarke interpretiert.
    Kannst du diesen Code herausfinden ? (bei Textdateien ist der Zeichencode der Absatzmarke typischerweise CR = (#asc 13))

    2. Here a Screenshot of the whole text of the Problem: Or look to the attachment

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/1bk9t9catft5eur/%23732 - 'PDF_ Lücken aus Zwischenablage entfernen aber Absätze behalten - Bartels Media.png?dl=0

    3. The link of the Thread. But you have to subscribe. Thats why I made a screenshot


    #732 - 'PDF_ Lücken aus Zwischenablage entfernen aber Absätze behalten - Bartels Media.png

  2. Hi,

    I have a Nexus One.

    The App "autostarts" shows me that Evernote is correct loaded in Backround (pictures 1-2). Topic "Nach dem Start" > "after starting phone".

    The settings of EN are correct too (picture3).

    When I start EN only that it beginns to sync. So I have to wait untill I get my current added notes.

    Have You any idea what is the problem?



    Android: 2.3.7, Radio:,


    Mod: CM72 RC3




  3. Hi,

    I use Evernote on a mobile Harddrive. And I use the same database on 4 devices.

    At first I install Evernote normal.

    1. abord evernoteclipper.exe (taskmanager)

    2. move the new Evernote directory from C:programmesevernote to the mobile divice, and overwrite the older files

    I use the beta releases.

    So I do not need to update the Evernote to all my Devices (Netbook, Notebook, Desktop, business Notebook)

    The problem is, that I can not use the Clip Screenshot.

    Where can I edit a config file to tell Evernote where the new path is?

    And why is there no official portable version of Evernote for Windows?

    It works. U have to modify only a few things, haven't you?

  4. Hi,

    I bought my first android. Ans the one of the first things I'd done was to try evernote ;)

    I have one directory for my tasks. That is the only directory I click to have the offline version. I thought it is better to edit my tasks.

    The title of every task begins per example so: 2011-11-18 - car washing

    So I sort by title, and I know my current tasks. If I want to postpone one task, I change the date of the title.

    This notes have only text. And I thought I do not need another taskmanaging software für mobile if I have Evernote.

    But now I see that I can not change my notes. So I can not use evernote for Tasks.

    Can I edit my tasks or not? I thing I have to change my note software. It can not be possible to be mobile and to have just pictures as notes. It is very strange for me.

  5. you do not understand me. Perhaps because of my english...

    I do not mean the panel.

    I mean my own infodetails in one notefield.


    - I make a note of history

    - there are photos

    - People who fighted in a war, but not all people are important

    - And I do not need the photos, when I will one day search for this note to update my mind.

    I need within the notefield a hide function.

    In boards it calls spoiler.

  6. Hi,

    you know the spoiler from Boards in Internet.

    So I have often too many text or pictures in notefiels.

    This is not always important, but it is useful to have the whole Text.

    If I want know all info of my note I can open the spoiler.

    But normally I want to know dates and what happened in this date, but not all the details just a summary.

    Things like many Links can be hide too.

    I think you know what I want to say.

    I hope you like my suggestion, and I hope many user write her opinion in this thread.

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