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  1. I don't have this option on my EVO. Also the last update didn't fix the grey box area at the top of the screen when I try to edit a checklist. I use the checklist note books a lot, but I can't edit any of my checklist on my phone since a previous update or the 2.3 Gingerbread update.
  2. I have updated my phone to Gingerbread, I have checklist Evernote notebooks that I need to use all of the time. I have noticed that if I try to add something to one of the list I get a grey box with three dots in the box when I tap on edit. Every time I try to add to the note another window pops up and when I tap on save, the format doesn't save the text inline with a check box. This is all done from my phone, and it makes these checklist unusable from my phone where I need to use them from. Do we need an app update because of Gingerbread?
  3. I have a EVO also, a stylus will not work with any of the newer touch screen phones. The screens are made to be finger only, I'm not sure of the technology reasons, but I know a stylus won't work because of the type of screen on the phone. I hated using a stylus on my older touch screen phones.
  4. Will we be able to add check boxes to a note created on an Android phone? Or can I do this now and I'm missing something?
  5. Your English is better than a lot of native speakers of the language. LOL.
  6. If I'm missing something then I would like to know. Is there anyway to "Send to Evernote" besides copy/paste for Android? I have the book marklet for Chrome, but I would like to do something like that from my phone. If not then can this be a feature request? Thanks.
  7. My EVO is that fast, it really depends on if you have a good 3G signal or are on WiFi. If I have a weak signal then my phone won't be that fast.
  8. What new Beta? in case i have the same problem. Sounds like a bug in something.
  9. I just upgraded today, I've been using the free version. I enjoyed it so much and I needed a good note pad for my phone, I also needed to keep some of my notes on my phone. So, Evernote has worked for what I need it for so far plus a lot of things I didn't know I needed it for. This is by far one of the best note software available.
  10. I searched and couldn't find anything that I understood anyway about this. If I use Evernote to write something and then email it to somebody that doesn't use Evernote will they be able to open/read the article in word.doc or .docx? I'm using evernote on my EVO and web, the desktop app didn't work out to well for me. I'm looking for a Documents to Go replacement, "word" more than any thing else that DTG offer's. I also use Google docs a lot and Word on my PC. Google Docs more for storage. Thanks.
  11. I'm starting to have the same problem, I can't load from my Pre. I'm trying to check on a new note that I composed on the web site, the last I checked was this last weekend and it worked fine. The note was not displaying on my Pre properly but looked fine on the web site. As of this morning I can't load the software at all, I just tried again before I posted this. I haven't tried the mobile web site yet but I will.
  12. I am a new user of Evernote, I would also like to be able to view my notebooks. I would also like to use Evernote for a To Do list, but without reminders it doesn't work out very well.
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