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  1. Sorry, My Bad. She just out of power. I recharged and she works great. Comments: Uogic C581 support MPP 2.0 with Microsoft Official Auth. "She works conditions depend on the Tablet model and models below would work great"(From Uogic service team). Surface Pro 3 Surface Pro 4 Surface Pro 5 Surface Pro 6 Surface Pro 7 Surface Pro X Surface Laptop 1 Surface Laptop 2 Surface Laptop 3 Surface Book 1 Surface Book 2 Surface Studio 1 Surface Studio 2 Surface Hub 1 Surface Hub 2
  2. Hi, I recently purchased a Surface Book laptop(turns into tablet mode) for better use of Evernote. When I am trying to use the my third party surface pen(link: https://www.uogic.com/collections/surface/products/c581 ) instead of a keyboard to write down some stuff it doesn't work. But she works fine in DrawPDF. Why? Could someone help me find out why or answer me if its supposed to work.
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