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  1. All I want is an in app pdf editor that makes full use of apple pencil...
  2. Yeah I am more amazed that they haven’t released any patches to fix at least some of the problems. A downgrade would be nice.
  3. Really? Because it worked fine before the update. It was possible to choose and move multiple notes at once... So the new update took away a function because it wasn’t part of the original plan? Why not just leave it in then?
  4. Writing to report the same error. Also, for some unknown reason the title I gave to the shared to evernote note is the title I gave to another note i shared earlier but had the “error syncing” notice.
  5. Currently using an iPadOS 14 and the drag and drop function doesn’t work. How can I select and move multiple notes?
  6. Still happening. iPad Pro or such mobile devices are replacing laptop for many, and this will be a turnoff for them.
  7. I need this so much. The only reason why I'm still using notion to write out outlines...
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