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  1. It also needs to be said that, at least on my monitor, a "Single Page" view takes around 40 times the space taken by an "attachment" thumbnail. Another way of putting it: instead of being able to go quickly through a tidy list of attachments, I am faced with page views that take over the whole screen space. This is indeed a problem when you have a lot of PDF's. More specifically, when the PDF's appear as attachments, I can fit around 17 items in one screen as a list. When those PDF appear as "Single Page" view, I need to scroll down around 40 screens to get to the last 17th PDF. This is a joke.
  2. Negative update since my last post: Over the last 6 weeks, I have had the patience to change, one by one, many of the PDF's I had in some notes so they are viewed as attachments in a list. To my disappointment, at some point, all of those PDF's have reverted back to a huge "Single Page" view, turning my notes into a useless mess again. To add context, this happens when the notes are being viewed from my PC. When viewed from the cellular phone app, the PDF's appear as attachments, so no problems there. Seriously Evernote can do better than this! I am so frustrated.
  3. Hi, I submitted a ticket to Evernote on this topic and they got back to me very quickly. Basically they've confirmed that this feature has not been built into the new version. Apparently, this alongside other features are being considered but at this point in time there's nothing they can do other than sharing this issue with the product team. This also suggests that the more people raising this as an important feature, the more chances they will re-incorporate it. Whereas I appreciate their very quick response and customer service, it's disappointing that the only option they suggested was to uninstall the latest update and install an older Evernote version. That or manually modifying several hundred PDF files to revert to the attachment view.
  4. Thanks, tried that but still the same. It really just needs the option it already had previously under general settings where you could choose to have the documents as attachments instead of as previews.
  5. After updating with the latest version 10.16.7, all the PDF files in all notes appear as "Single Page" preview, as opposed as "Attachment'. Cannot find the option to revert back as "attachment" by default (this option was available in older versions). I can still go on each single PDF and change the view settings individually, however considering I have hundreds of PDF in hundreds of notes, this is impractical. I hope I can resolve this soon, the notes look like a mess now. Thanks
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