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  1. Hello everybody Inspired by Apple Mail's new "Archive" button I would like to be able to define a custom toolbar button that sends the selected note to a specific notebook with one click. It should be possible to create multiple buttons. I probably would assign about 3 notebooks to toolbar buttons for my most important GTD style notebooks (@Action Support, @Reference, @Archive) Omnifocus does something similar with custom perspectives which can be assigned to a toolbar button. Cheers rugydp
  2. Hi Evernote Evernote has become my most important tool but there's something that is driving me mad: When I click on a saved search with a "tagged with" search type the tag lists opens and sometimes even the tag that gets below the mouse pointer gets pressed. I have so many tags, I never use the tag list and I only search for tags in search field. I would even hide it completely from the sidebar if I could. What about a tag management pane in preferences? Please, can't you at least leave the tag list closed when clicking on a saved search or even give us an option in preferences to choose a tag list behaviour. Thank you for listening ;-) Keep up the good work! rdp
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