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  1. reverted back to 3.1 dekstop version still having same problems opening up blank on Pre i have to stop using this program until theres a fix
  2. yeh its strange, everything was working PERFECT for months, then lately just been having files open up blank with google docs, is there a PRE application or to add/edit docs u have to open a web browser to change files?
  3. yeh i uninstall and reinstalled as well,still no haps only way to fix, is to open up note on desktop version, copy all, and create a new note from it not sure what the problem could be at all hopefully evernote looks into this
  4. had that same problem well the note loaded, but it was totally blank
  5. from time to time (especially at times i really need to use the notes) when i open up notes on the Palm pre app they simply come up blank,even tho it says im in online mode and sometimes if i edit them (when they blank) when i save they get deleted (although i can log in to desktop and retrive them from trash). and i had the pre side by side my desktop, when they open up blank on the Pre, they open up fine in the desktop PC application nobody every had this problem?
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