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  1. I'm still amazed that a freemium product is over looking the need for multi account access. Usually a clear sign that the developers do not use the product in a business setting like the users might, that's not a terrible thing is just regretful and all too common. Don't get me wrong I like the product and it's very useful; it's just a real shame to see the potential go untapped. Like many others that take the time to post here, I run a business, and businesses have money to spend on good solutions. Unlike others here my business recommends solutions to other companies and implements them. I could convince 90% of my customer base to implement evernote as their paperless office solution if the desktop client supported multiple accounts. I can give you my reasons in short order: 1) The evernote desktop client continues to be heads and tales above the web version and that's just fine. But that means for real work the web client just won't fly in the business world. Seriously the web client lowers employee productivity. 2) Since shared folders are poorly implemented and are not on feature parity with account folders, full accounts are required to do anything useful. Scenario (1) We have a single Premium account loaded on the computers of the 3 owners of a business and they use Evernote as their paperless office filing system. It works great. They are always insync and happy. Now all of them have personal lives and personal data. They always ask me this same question; "Can I store my personal data privately in the same system. If they could simultaneously access separate personal accounts they would buy 3 more premium accounts for their personal use in a heart beat. That's lost revenue. We can do this on their ipads to some extent but not completely; as a log out and log in is required. Scenario (2) Three classes of users in an organization: Accounting, Engineering, and General. The users in Accounting need access to files from Accounting and General. Users in Engineering need access to Engineering and General files; and users in the General class need access to General files. A client that can access multiple accounts at the same time (not shared notebooks) but full feature set would drive more premium purchases even if there was a per seat charge. Add in LAN based client to client syncing to keep the load off the evernote servers and all the better. We could easily replace much more expensed paperless office system at numerous clients with such a solution. The possibilities are endless; if you just add a layer of security in the system or multi account access. I really really think the developers could benefit from some trips into the small business real-world; there are tons of people dying to hand you money and you are leaving it on the table... Feel free to contact me directly and I'll spend as much time on the phone as you like explaining the business case behind this need; and the possibilities.
  2. I'm surprised the our possible use of EverNote Appears unique, but I thought I'd query the larger audience to see if others have a similar use-case. We are a small company and EverNote would be the perfect Paperless filing systems. I've looked very expensive solution over the years and none are as simple and power as Evernote, the OCR alone makes it the winner. That speaks volumes. For a small business like our the filing and retrieving of receipts, license documents and a large collections of PDF "like" things that we need to store and share is historically a pain. Evernote, fits our model in that we are all working from virtual offices scattered around the country with our email server up in the cloud etc. Under the current design to get the best user experience; we are planning to use 1 premium account and have the desktops, latops and iphones that we all have; synchronize to that 1 premium account. This approach has two draw backs (1) Evernote doesn't get fair compensation for the value we get, (2) we could however unlikely bump into the premium transfer limit when adding new devices in the middle of the "usage cycle". (3) If we want to use Evernote for Personal Stuff we have to let it co-miggle in view of all users. (4) We are on Mac's so we can't toggle the desktop app between different accounts. We'd be happy to use and pay for 5 premium accounts, without a seconds hesitation, if we simply could sync shared notebooks as read-write to the desktop clients. The web client just isn't something we enjoy using; as we are often in places without web connectivity, and we have found shared notebooks to be lacking in ease of use compare with normal notebooks.
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