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  1. I am trying to view the attachments online. Downloading would be the workaround, but I do not have that option on this record. I have been able to successfully email the attachment to myself but would like to get this issue resolved. See the screenshot attached of what I see. Thumbnail on the left, but no image in the right, no link to view, no link to download.
  2. PDF's and screenshots. Search finds the correct records, but Evernote will not allow viewing of the attachment. This has been happening now on and off for a week. Received several system error messages in the process. Are there upgrades happening on the systems to prevent users to access content? BTW, these are the reasons I have not upgraded yet. Dependability of access to information when searched.
  3. I have read in several blogs that penultimate supports pencil 53, however I have tried it nad the stylus will not pair. How do. It get the stylus to pair? What am I missing?
  4. Evernote is awesome for using your iphone as a photocopier of documents. And as long as you are viewing online everything is crisp and view-able. I have tried several differently ways to print evernote iOS captures to PDF for formal sharing as a document. It turns into a 3-4 step process of emailing or sharing links to different apps, to get a format to print to PDF. This is easy from Evernote Notes, but I have not found the way to get this done from the web access to evernote. What is happening is that the capture is enlarged, then broken into multiple pages for PDF printing (even when it is only on page on the original capture). I would like to print one page to one page in PDF. All my other apps can do this. What am I missing?
  5. Well, I "was" hoping to ID one photo and have EN ID "all". But I think you answered my question for photos, audio and video searching. Unless you manually tag it, EN cannot find it.
  6. Is there an EN email address setup with my EN account? I would like to email my notes from my smartphone directly into my account. This would be a great feature. My camera phone, I am finding, takes excellent document scans, and EN ingests them quite efficently for effective search. If it is avialable, this is the best kept secret with EN. I know there are some 3p mobile apps and mail-in services that accomplish part of this, but the ability to a quicl post to EN from the mobile phone via email would be great. I guess until then I will work my way through the mobile EN app to make ends meet.
  7. Maybe I am thinking too far ahead, but hopeing EN sticks around for quite a while and evolves with technology. In the meantime, as years of information are uploaded, and made available for search and access, will there be a degradation in search speed and capability? I am fearing yes from my experience with Yahoo Mail. I have had an account there for 12 years, and probably 5x a year I have to ask tech support to rebuild or reindex my mail because it grinds to a halt and cannot find common saved search items. Just question.
  8. On EN premium, there is a 500Mb monthly "ceiling" on uploads. In project management, many times the storage requirements for supporting documentation can be higher in the beginning. Are there any plans for increasing this limit (I am sure there will be a new fee structure for a power user of this caliber)?
  9. EN is evolving into conceptal search, or at least I am hoping it will move that direction. Most of the big photo sharing services out there now offer "face tagging", (Facebook, Myspace, Picasa, etc). I am hoping someone can tell me how to search for objects and faces in EN or where this feature is on the roadmap. Thanks.
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