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  1. When I try to use the most current clipper extension in both Safari and Chrome to take a screenshot of any PatternTap.com pages, I don't get the page. The entire window is filled with blue and you can't actually see the page at all. http://neil.io/Kxcf That was on this page: http://patterntap.com/pattern/video-quickshare Any one know of a workaround? Does this happen on other sites as well? (I know the screenshot is from Safari, but I get the same issue in Chrome)
  2. Hello! It'd be GREAT to have the option to make the desktop client work in similar way to the iOS apps, where it just pulls down the headers for all of the notes but NOT the content. I run Evernote on multiple machines but I don't want my entire huge Evernote library on all of them. I do still want access to the full library, however, so sharing just a few of the notebooks wouldn't work. Any chance this could be considered for a future release?
  3. Well, backup is one thing. But it's also, as I said, the fact that I'm becoming more and more wary of having everything in one basket. If Evernote made it easy for me to get media, notes, etc. out as simply as Yojimbo, Eaglefiler, Together, or any of the other Mac universal applications, I'd feel less concerned. Google is a good example here. In many ways, their services are similar to Evernote, in that they allow you to aggregate your data (email, photos, calendars, etc.) but they also make it simple to get your information out (cf. http://www.dataliberation.org/), if you decide you no longer want to user the service. Basically, I want Evernote to take this idea seriously that they need to put as much priority on helping you get your data out of their service as they do on making it easy to get it in. It really is that simple.
  4. This is the crux of my problem. Over the time I've used Evernote, I've pulled in images and PDFs that weren't so critical at the time that I needed multiple copies, but are still important enough that I'd like to pull them out and back them up somewhere. But I can't do easily with the current state of the application.
  5. Nope - I can also highlight multiple items and drag them out, and I get the individual files. Again, Evernote's export just isn't user-friendly.
  6. I should note that I've been an Evernote Premium user for a while now (coming up on a year and a half, i think), so it's not like I just started using Evernote and am coming here to rant. But the closed or user-unfriendly way Evernote handles exports is making me more and more wary as I put more and more into the application. Another good example is Eaglefiler, which gives you the original file in a navigable file structure, and keeps its metadata separate. If you ever need to get at the original file, you just have to open the Finder and browse to that file's location.
  7. Sure. A good example is Yojimbo. If I import a PDF or image into Yojimbo, I just have to drag it out to get the original item back. In Evernote, I either have an XML export, which is totally useless in any app except Evernote, or I have to export as html, dig through the exported folder to find the original item, move it, and then delete the exported HTML that I didn't want in the first place. I'm not talking about full export including tags - I just want to get a file out in the original format, without any of the extraneous stuff that Evernote dumps with an HTML export.
  8. I'm sorry, but that's really poor, and as I said it's one of the main reasons I'm contemplating moving away from Evernote. The standard way to handle a user's data is to give it back to them the way it came in. If I import an image, or a PDF, I should be able to just pull it out without exporting it wrapped in an HTML file. What this seems to me is an excuse to lock people's data within Evernote, as getting it back out is too time and labour intensive Anyway, I'm done complaining, as it's obvious data integrity is just not a priority for Evernote.
  9. One of the biggest deficiencies in Evernote is the inability to get your information out without having to rely on cumbersome wrappers (like the HTML export). Is there any plans to rectify this? I really like the integration between the desktop client, the web, and the iphone app, but the inability to get PDFs, images, and other information out of Evernote in its original form (or in an easy to handle text file, for notes) is really frustrating.
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