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  1. @ spanishgringo Thx a lot for your app! I am very surprised that THE mobile platform has been missed out! Symbian is extremely popular in India too! A native symbian client (with both S60v3 & S60v5 support) would be greatly appreciated. I have both N86 & 5800! More and more companies are churning Symbian phones including Samsung, Sony Erricson and LG! Symbian will be going open source (I think they have started the transition already). Also other platforms are inferior compared to Symbian (except iPhone, but even iPhone lacks Multi tasking!). (Android & Palm Pre are still in infancy, WiMo gets more viruses than apps and POOR touch caps, Blackberry is not so popular). Of course those are my views. And I am not going to switch platforms anytime soon. I am sure a native Symbian client would give ever note a HUGE BOOST. And if it may even prompt me to go premium. EDIT: Fixed typo.
  2. Thx a lot! It works OK on my 5800. Is there any way for S60v3 phones like N86, N95 etc? Anyway I will try in N86 and post the results. Is there an ideas to write Evernote in native Symbian? Because it would be really fast and very good in almost all the s60v3 & s60v5 phones... EDIT: Tried in 5800. Very slow in most screens but usable. New photo, audio doesn't work. Also tried out in N86, the screen was very big and took me 4 mins to just sign in. Controls looked displaced and couldn't type much into anything. I guess this is the widget engine's fault....
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