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  1. I have been an Evernote user for many years now, I've been a paid premium user for most of that time. I've been telling my friends and coworkers about how amazing a product it is, especially considering that most of its features are free. I've tried to stick with the software through the years, even through software glitches and bugs, problems on mobile, and when I had to have a Linux installation at work and was forced to only use the web interface during that time since there is no Linux platform. I'm writing this because I'd like the developers to know what turned a very loyal customer of the company into someone who has now successfully moved over to Microsoft OneNote. First off, it isn't the cost, the premium subscription fee is minor and I have been happy to pay it to support development of the platform. Why then? Well, over the years Evernote has had it's issues. Most of the issues I've had with it are the troubles in controlling the format of the notes. I've spent many hours trying to copy and paste text in a way that makes it readable on my devices. Formatting on my iPhone doesn't often look right on the Desktop, the same for the web interface, each interface seems to interpret the format differently and occasionally in annoying ways. My second issue is the lack of support for mathematical typesetting. I'm personally studying to be a math teacher and as such I've been a lot of time taking notes on paper in class and then moving those notes into Evernote, I have to use 3 different software tools and have had to learn to use Latex in order to create rich equations to put into my notes. That wouldn't be so bad, except Evernote still has no support for SVG or other vector formats. There are a number of tools which Evernote could use (Latex itself is free for everyone) but there is also MathML and some Java solutions to rendering equations and such things into images fairly quickly. This means that Evernote could use something like Latex and just provide a mode to insert Latex code directly into the note and then Evernote calls out to have it rendered, much like the Mediawiki software does, storing then the text and a rendered image with the note. Perhaps one of the most niggling (though least intrusive) issues is the Evernote's premium feature of "Context", which sounds like an amazing idea but doesn't work for me. I have issues with paying to use a feature that doesn't work for me. Of course I don't suggest that the cost be lowered or any other such strangeness, it is a feature that I would have preferred to actually work. So why doesn't it work for me? Often, it pulls up unrelated articles from the Wall Street Journal or some such. I'm not sure about how the technical aspect of the feature works, how it chooses articles and the like. However, if I'm writing a note about (and this is a true example) oil usage in the United States, I would expect context to bring up articles about oil usage in the United States. If I google "Wall Street Journal" and "oil usage in the United States", I get a lot of articles with very helpful information listed. If I broaden my search out to just "oil usage in the United States", I get articles from Wikipedia, Department of Energy, Politico, the New York Times, and many other respected sources. So what does Evernote bring up? It brought me an article on child labor in Africa. I was so curious that I looked and the article had nothing to do with oil. I get the keyword searching is difficult, at best, and taking a hunk of text and distilling it into things to search for is also difficult. However, I take issue with the fact that Wikipedia isn't a source and neither are The New York Times, Huffington Post, Washington Post, the BBC, or Al Jazeera. All of those are major sources of information, but then there is also Wolfram Alpha and other players in the business of aggregating knowledge, not to mention Google's knowledge graph. I just really expected more, given the excessive hype about how great it would be. Finally, my last problem with Evernote is in security. There is no facility to secure an entire note or notebook. I should be able to right click on a notebook or note and select that I would like this note to have the contents encrypted and only decrypted on the device which they are being viewed or edited on. This may be an issue for syncing but in the modern day of high level devices, I don't see why I don't have the ability to do this. Any sensitive information I want to put in Evernote, I have to encrypt myself and paste into a note. This is just not a workable solution, there is the option to protect text within a note but it is clunky and does not work on mobile at all. Again, there's no reason for this. As a side-note, as icing on the cake of all this, I have found Evernote's support system to be lackluster at the best of times. There is no facility for users to vote on new features to be added, there is no use of a public area for users to comment about bugs being reported or other issues, and the forums here certainly feel as if no employee of Evernote actually looks at them, as if this was thrown up to reduce support costs and nothing more. I'm hoping that's wrong. I wrote this up so that developers can understand why at least one customer moved, in hopes that the product will get improved and some of these problems may be eventually fixed. Thank you.
  2. I don't think they are listening though. A classic case of marketing running development and turning a deaf ear to existing long time users. I find it sad though, Evernote used to be what I recommended to people - I even got my boss to use it. Perhaps I'll see if OneNote will do something similar.
  3. In the temporary this does help any situation. However, you are introducing more problems than you are possibly fixing. Android users are smart people, you need not treat us like idiots. Default location has always been the internal memory, but a simple warning saying "You are moving your data to external storage, this may impact your apps performance, are you sure?" Most of us know what that means, we know what it is to impact performance and can make a reasoned choice. Again, we are smart adults who pay you money to use a feature that you are making unusable or impactical for many. Cheap Android tablets are coming out more and more with less and less internal storage. The dirty little secret of Android seems to be that external storage is available but somehow unusable. I have about 4 Gigs free on my new tablet, I have metered data on my cell service (who doesn't?) and so I'd like to keep its use to a minimum. This means the wonderful feature (which, I might add, I pay monthly for) of Offline notebooks. By instating this policy of not using the external storage for "security and performance" concerns (which, being a computer programmer I personally thing is a "company line" which has no real meaning as there are 100's if not 1000's of things a coder can do about security and performance of external storage), you are limiting your paying users. I know a few things here, I know that Evernote does not exist without users like myself who pay for your product every month or ever year. I myself am looking into other options which do offer this functionality, as I subscribed to your service specifically because of the offline notebooks capabilities. Perhaps stop trying to get new people with useless features (that hinder performance far more than reading from an external card) such as "Context" and "Work Chat" and focus on what users already decided to pay for! A simple choice is all anyone is asking. Remember the rules of customer service, if you have one user who complains, you have 9 others that didn't. If you have 10 users that are unhappy they tell their 10 friends each about their experiences. When those 100 people then go to search for a notes solution, they already look at Evernote as a poor choice. The math is simple. Very simple. Oh, and about security... If you are that concerned, some harsh realities for you. Oh, and BTW, I've been studying computer security and encryption since 1996... So... Lets see here - first off, identify what actual problems are, has anyone ever had a breech of Evernote security by having the notes database on an external card? Has that EVER happened? I don't know, but I doubt it. This also could be easily solved by using any number of encryption solutions (AES, TwoFish, BlowFish, RSA, IDEA, 3DES, and many, many others some open source, some not). Hashing algorithms can be used against a salt stored in internal memory with the tablet (or phone) unique ID and account name to provide a way for Evernote to bind external card to device. This solves your security problem for someone stealing an SD card. Next, what if someone gets ahold of the tablet? Null and void. Your solution of not letting users put data on the external card does not help if the device itself has been compromised, all bets are off without an encrypted database - which would solve BOTH problems. So, we move on. So what is one left with? Harsh reality. This is security theater. "We don't put your data on an external card because that could be compromised" hate to break it to anyone but given how difficult most phones make it to get at the SD card, if "they" can get your card, they can get your phone, if they get your phone - all bets are off, your device could be compromised regardless of card. Again, security theater. You're not helping security, but it is a nice buzz word to get people off your back who don't know much about computer security! Please, if I'm wrong, enlighten all of us on how this would effect security. My personal theory? It is hard to make your moronic, idiotic, and useless "Context" feature to work on mobile devices unless notes data is stored in the internal memory. Read above, please, rather than piss of a user base that you need by removing incredibly useful and sometimes necessary features for a feature that no only isn't helpful but doesn't work worth a damn, give us what we're asking for so we have reason to keep paying you.
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