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  1. Hello, I just bought a motorola milestone with Android 2.0.1 on it - and noticed in the /settings /search /searchable items, there are third party applications currently there such as RTM, ColorNote, GOALS, etc (over and above the contacts /apps /google search).... What this means is- when I click search from my homescreen (or alternately start typing on my keyboard), the system automatically searches those pre defined directories for the item(s) I am looking for (so in this case my contacts, google search, RTM and applications). Is is possible to add some code into that section, so I can include my evernote notes and search them from the homescreen instead (the same way that I do for the others)? It would eliminate the step of launching the app first. Just a thought, Thanks and love the software btw, I use it on my 2 macs, PC, iPhone and Milestone Hanz
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