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  1. You seem to think because you think Apple products and Windows OS are inferior that that's a fact. Well guess what? It's not a fact & simply your opinion. Each has their own pros & cons as does Linux. WRT Evernote, you can always use the web client. It's certainly a fact that Linux is better than Windows. It's more efficient, safer, and did I mention value for money? It's a fact that Steve Jobs was so arrogant with the release of the iPhone. It was inferior in every way to equivalent HTC Windows Mobile phones at the time users couldn't record video until the 3GS! I also recall one of them that had an antenna fault and from his response it was clear that Jobs couldn't care less about his customers. Thankfully, the gimmick has worn off now and quite rightly they have been overtaken by superior devices. Don't write me off as a complete Apple hater for the sake of it. I was pro-Apple during the 80's and 90's. Steve Jobs turned on his principles and left an Apple that is the IBM of the 21st century. It's Apple that wanted it all but thankfully Android gave us a sound alternative. In the 1990's the biggest phone company was NOKIA, they were arrogant and didn't listen to their customers. NOKIA no longer make money in the mobile phone business and had to be bailed out by Microsoft. I hope Evernote aren't making the same mistake.
  2. I think Evernote seem overly biased towards Apple. Why do inferior Apple devices seem to get new features first. Surely Evernote can make a Linux client very easily since Apple ripped off Linux as the basis of its Mac OS. TeamViewer seem to manage very easily to accommodate Linux users. It secretly and seamlessly uses WINE underneath but it works perfectly. I feel disheartened that every time want to make full use of Evernote I have to boot into an inferior operating system :-( Come on! Evernote should be promoting their image to one of Open Source and collaboration.
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