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  1. If you use the 'MyScript' add-on, it would do OCR at the Livescribe desktop level. I'm not sure which OCR is better, Evernotes or that.
  2. If your Livescribe software is already OCRing your notes, I would believe it creates PDF files with keywords or something somewhere? I would look how it's doing that, and maybe import the PDFs it already creates instead.
  3. A manual iTunes sync would be ok. Edit would be great, but I guess I would be fine with only editing in one place, and read only elsewhere. I'm considering switching to pen and paper notes, and then scan to pdf. GoodReader may be acceptable in this work flow. Thanks for the suggestions!
  4. I'm going to hijack this thread a bit, as I have been thinking about work notes, and security. What I would like is an offline notebook that I can still access in multiple places: Mac, iPhone, and iPad. I don't want the data to be stored in any cloud, but I still want to access this from multiple devices. Would anything like this be possible in Evernote? Does anyone know of /any/ notebook type application that I could accomplish it?
  5. Note that I am NOT disappointed with my iPad. I think it's a great device. But it wasn't made for handwriting via a stylus, and while I can make it work, it's not great at it. (It is great at a bunch of other things however, so I'll let it off the hook.)
  6. So I've done a lot of research on stylus use + iPad since I first posted on this thread. (I've probably downloaded and tried nearly every sketching and handwriting application in the app store.) In general, the lack of sensitivity of the capacitive screen for stylus use makes handwritten notes not as useful as the onscreen keyboard. I can type twice as fast on the keyboard in landscape mode then I can write with a stylus in Penultimate or Note Taker HD or WritePad. I think the big win comes with solid rich text entry (with good list/outline management, like OmniOutliner) plus the ability to use a finger/stylus for quick sketches or diagrams. (Toss in sound recording plus auto transcription for extra points via Voice2Note. Though this really needs be able to be backgrounded. Can you background Evernote in iOS 4 and still sound record?) Make free writing/drawing an option, sure, but I think most people are going to find it's not as useful as typing on the keyboard.
  7. Hrm. Maybe my problem is that your jpeg OCR is very good at words, but doesn't seem to work well for numbers? I have something like 8/17 , but Evernote can't actually find an 8 or a 17 in the image. I can find words great. Just horrible luck matching ANY numbers.
  8. Hi, I have notebook scans which are jpegs inside of Evernote. I usually have a date like "2/15" or "1/7/2010" in various places. I can't figure out how to search for these strings however. If I try to search for "2/10", I get something like: containing words "2 10", stripping out the /. Any way I can do this search?
  9. Handwriting for the ipad with a capacitive stylus! I would be the coolest person in a meeting with this capability! Help me be cool!
  10. You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. That worked great. Thanks!
  11. I set it up, but I see the same problem happening. Basically it will open 200 note windows each containing a pdf, which will use up all my machine's resources. I need a way to create a note without opening a window each time. Maybe I need to mass-email them instead?
  12. Hi, I have about 200 pdf files (fairly small) that I'd like to import into Evernote. They are basically an export of my old Circus Ponies Notebook. I tried selecting them all, and then dragging into a notebook, but it eventually beach-balled and never worked. What's the fastest way for me to get these into Evernote? Thanks.
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