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  1. Create a saved search in the windows application to truncate future reminders and sort reminders however you want. Then access the saved search on the iPad. It works well for me.
  2. Yep, seems there are multiple causes for lag. Rebooting didn't help me - lag was occurring constantly even after a fresh boot. In my case it was the auto save frequency (good) and then using an SSD (better).
  3. I changed the auto save interval from 30 to 300 seconds (5 minutes) and it seems to have resolved the issue. Options --> Note --> "Automatically save edited note every [30] seconds". Don't know how I missed such an obvious configuration candidate for this issue. I assume I'll get a long lag every 5 minutes but normally don't type for that long. The option doesn't prevent notes from be saved (they get saved automatically when you switch windows). My laptop uses a high speed SSD for the OS and applications, and an internal 2TB HD for data. I have the Evernote database on the 2TB drive. So it could be this. I may try moving the Evernote DB to the SSD - but figure I can live with auto save every 5 minutes.
  4. I have the same issue on Windows 10 with a new Lenovo Y520 Legion laptop. I reboot the machine every day. As I'm typing in Evernote, the cursor freezes periodically (it happens frequently - sometimes every line) for a half second or so (occasionally longer) - frustrating. I've tried disabling my anti virus, disabling spell check in Evernote, decreasing the synchronization frequency, but nothing seems to help. Task manager doesn't show unusual CPU spikes or anything while I'm using Evernote. The log file doesn't have any obvious error messages.
  5. On my installation the Reminder button on a new note does nothing until Evernote auto fills your title. So when creating "quick reminders" you end up having to wait several seconds after hitting Ctrl-Alt-N and typing the reminder before Evernote finally recognizes the title and enables the reminder button. It would be nice if this delay could be eliminated so that I can create the reminder quickly and get out. EN Windows Thanks
  6. I installed 5.8.6 GA yesterday and it is crashing on me every time I start to use it. Where it failed for me is when I clicked on the "Reminder" icon on a note to change the reminder date. I'm not sure if that's just coincidence, or if that is the actual trigger. It doesn't happen every time I click reminder, but all three times it crashed that was what I was doing. Here's a log snippet from when it crashes. Not sure how significant this is but the last activity logged before the crash is retrieving related content. --------------- Evernote for Windows (275519) Public OS: Windows 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 User: mackiest Memory: 46.2MB Created: 2015/05/04 07:26:04 --- Bootstrap info: loadedFresh <bootstrap_info><profile name="Evernote"><settings account_email_domain="m.evernote.com" cardscanUrl="https://cscan.evernote.com/cardagain"enable_facebook_sharing="1" enable_gift_subscriptions="1" enable_google="1" enable_linkedin_sharing="1" enable_shared_notebooks="1" enable_single_notesharing="1" enable_sponsored_accounts="1" enable_support_tickets="1" enable_twitter_sharing="1" marketing_url="https://evernote.com" service_host="www.evernote.com" support_url="https://evernote.com/contact/support/"/></profile></bootstrap_info> --- 07:22:34 [6192] * Retrieved 7 cached related content items for note 47768 07:22:46 [6820] Finding related content for note 47768 07:22:46 [6820] * Retrieved 7 cached related content items for note 47768 07:22:47 [6820] Finding related content for note 47547 07:22:47 [10300] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com/edam/note/s7 07:22:51 [6820] * Retrieved from server 8 related content items for note 47547 Log opened on 2015/05/04 07:24:08 (UTC-6:00) 07:24:08 [11104] Command line: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\Evernote.exe" /Hide 07:24:08 [11104] Evernote for Windows (275519) Public 07:24:08 [11104] Common Editor 8 () 07:24:08 [11104] Client info: Evernote Windows/275519; Windows/6.1.7601 Service Pack 1;
  7. Sometimes (say 50%) when I double-click a note to see it in its own window, it will disappear for a few seconds as the the context/"related to what you're working on" pop-up balloon shows on the main Evernote window. It then reappears. (I assume the main Evernote window is coming to the front while the context balloon shows, and then the individual note window reasserts itself). I say it's a race condition because if the context balloon happens to come up within the individual note window first, then this doesn't occur. To reproduce the problem just keep trying to open individual notes by double clicking them from the Evernote main window. You will observe this behavior for some percentage of attempts. (Or at least I think you will, if your installation behaves as mine does)
  8. I have 32 notebooks divided into 6 stacks. Unfortunately the most used stacks are near the bottom so I almost always have a scroll down. Your idea would help with that, so thanks.
  9. I'm using David Allen's GTD for Evernote setup, but the latest update breaks it a little bit. Now when I click the dropdown list on a note to select the notebook it should be in, the stacks all appear expanded and I have to scroll down a long list of notebooks for the one I want. Previously I could just click the stack which opened the list of notebooks within it. This is easier when you have a lot of notebooks and are using stacks to keep them in order. This update seems to rob stacks of some of their value, at least in terms of filtering the dropdown list. Don't suppose there's an option I'm missing to enable the old behavior?
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